Monday, September 10, 2007


I know, I know it's been 10 days since I last confessed.

I don't know if I have the energy to do this one either but I'll do the best I can and then jump ship.

I had my Hen's night on the 31st August.
Absolute blast.
Had a ball.
Great group of friends but I will elaborate with a whole separate post once I receive some photos.

Last couple of weeks have been struggling financially. Really hard to go from weekly pays to fortnightly with no hiatus inbetween. Last week was an "off" week and let's just say that bread and butter was about the extent of the menu. Ever tried shopping for a family of six with three packs of nappies, dog food, cat food and formula taking up near a third of your hundred dollar budget for the week??

Some of you probably have so know exactly my headspace last week.

Friday, got a dose of some bloody tummy bug which started with loose bowel motions and a nauseous feeling and progressed to farting and burping like I had partaken in the most glorious hot indian curry.

Problem being ... I hadn't.

Then yesterday the "piss like a bull out my ringpiece shits" started and have been going ever since.

All night.

So, energy is at an alltime low and I was going to start the detox today. But I can't even eat fruit or veges so I hope to start tomorrow.

Am a bit worried that I may be leaving it a bit late pre wedding to detox. I know that side effects can be massive breakouts as the shit comes out of your body so I would be really scared to look like a pizza on my wedding day.

Bought the wedding rings yesterday. Blair loves his, me ho hum. I went with gold (engagement is white gold) and just plain but my heart really wanted a lovely celtic band. Compromise is a bitch!!

Have been pretty stagnant on weight. Was 101.2kg on Thursday but weighed myself just then and was 99.6kg. But we all know that is all the bum pissing I have been doing!

At the end of the day I will look beautiful and will just have to suck it up and deal with the fact that I ain't going to look like Kate Beckinsale on my wedding day, more like Queen Latifah but damn, that girl is looking fine lately so I can handle that!!

My headspace has been all over the place with financial stress, mothering stress (7 year old boy free to good home, needs watering and plenty of exercise!), wedding stress, weight stress, and it has all resulted in my house looking like a fucken hovel.

It has always been the way in my life, if my head is muddled and chaotic then so is my house. That was okay when it was just me but now that there are four kids and a fiance depending on me it makes it bloody hard for harmonious living to have shit everywhere. I mean everywhere. Don't believe me??

Okay, so photos are shit but you can get the jist of it. Nothing looks ordered and neat.

I have never been fond of house work and get by on the essentials but I just want to spring clean the house but never seem to have the energy to start. And to make the matter worse there are fucken rodents in the linen cupboard. I can guarantee there is a whitetail spider or two in there as well. Fuckers.

So that's it. Over and out, the toilet beckons.


Rachel said...

Sorry to hear your not feeling great, get better soon.

I didn't realise you were going to do the detox, keep us updated.

Kitty said...

I have been missing you Jules! Sorry to hear of bum pissing, what a shit. Hahaha? No not really eh.

My house is a bomb site too. Screw the housework! You're sick babes.

I look forward to your pictures from the hens night. I imagine you really know how to enjoy yourself missy!


Chris H said...

Oh bummer... excuse the pun.... rodents.. fucken kill them, I did!! Photos on blog to prove it!!! Mess... can't stand it, keeps me busy day and night just keeping on top of it all... you just lucky yours are not teenagers yet mate, they are worse than anything I could describe! Your rooms look 'tidy' compared to our teenagers rooms! Hope you start to feel better soon, don't start detox till you are feeling better or you might just make yourself very ill indeed.!?

Steph said...

You haven't eaten anything with gluten have you?

Forget the housework, what does it matter in the long run? That's my motto anyway ;)

Wanna_B_slim said...

Omg.. I so sorry you are feeling so ikky...
On a late lunch break so Just had to come and catch up.... at home no net at work..
getting it soon.. but was informed instant dismissal if used for anything other than work...WTF!!!

Sue said...

Bugger, hope the bum's better!

Anne said...

Doesn't sound good!! Had a spell of that a couple of weeks ago and it wasn't the best. Never mind the housework - it keeps!


M said...

It's a bit of a catch 22 isn't it. You spend all your energy getting the house clutter free. Then your mind becomes clutter free and you spend time on yourself (exercising, blogging, visiting etc) and all of a sudden the house is a mess again, and so goes the mind.. Well it does in my house anyway LOL.

I only have 2 and I think my mess is about 3-4 times yours. Not that it is a competition mind :)

Thanks for stopping by to say Hi. Mary was just so sweet about my birthday wasn't she!!

Hope you either start feeling better soon - or actually have some hot Indian Curry to make it all worthwhile :)

LaLa said...

Hope you feel better soon love, lucky bread is within your budget as that is what you need, plain toast and flat lemonade should sort you out.

As for the house, did you secretly sneak in and take a photo of my laundry?

Looks fine to me :)

Kt said...

Hope you are feeling lots better soon Jules!
Man I miss a lot when I;m not blogging, all this talk of dresses and hens nites, just occurred to me you must of set a date and its getting closer! Congrats :)

Jin said...

Sod the housework Jules...........concentrate on getting YOU sorted before the Big Day. Housework can be done any day - getting married can't (if you know what I mean?). Hope you get over the squirts soon hon :-)

Savy said...

Ack, I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. Take care of yourself, leave the housework. Been there, done that. (I've never been a great housekeeper anyway.) Oh and on a wedding day, NO ONE looks better than the bride - no matter what. ;)

tracy said...

I know how you feel, hell anyone with kids has a fair idea, it is worse when you are sick but still have to do everything. Firstly the rats - Talon is the answer. Secondly, Can you get you or Blairs Mum to come & do a bit of a tidy up to help out? Finally to compromise on the wedding ring - get your celtic one as your eternity ring in a couple of years when finances not so tight.

On the positive side - I am glad you had a great Hens night.

Tania said...

Wow, reading this post reminded me of my pre-wedding frustrations. I really think it's normal but I hope the stress dies down soon - as to the house work STUFF IT! Sometimes it can just wait, take some time out to do what destresses you. Can't wait to hear about the hens night, hope you're feeling better soon.

Mellisa said...

I will swap your 7 year old with my 8 year old female with massive attitude and a smart mouth ..... Just call me on 55fuknkids ....

You said it before and I will say it again .... YOU WILL MOST DEFINATELY BE A BEAUTIFUL BRIDE!! With or without a pizza face!! lol

m said...

Ahhh....Jules.....Ummmm...hate to tell you this....BUT MY HOUSE LOOKS LIKE THAT ALL THE FUCKING TIME!!!!! That is our bathroom, but you want to know what.... there are ants crawling in the toothpaste that has been spit on the countertop. Nice huh? Sweet! Spiders you say! I swear to God I have two spider bites on my boob. Yes I'm getting laid by spiders while I sleep. Sweet!

Remember a wedding is 4-5 hours of your entire life. Don't sweat the small stuff. Queen Latifa (sp) is beautiful.

Lee-Anne said...

Hope you're feeling better. Get the kids to do their own rooms. Housework is always neverending. It's one thing that is always constant. Especially with four kids and two adults.

You've got a wedding coming up that's going to happen if your house is spring cleaned or not. Relax and enjoy.