Monday, August 13, 2007

Week Two Results

Briony - 77kg No movement
Chubby Mum - 120.5kg Gain 600g
Cranky Bee -
Jo - 82.4kg Loss 900g
Jules (Me) - 101.6kg Gain 600g
Kittie -
Kitty Kat - 60.4kg Loss 100g
Krissy - 93.8kg Loss 1.6kg
LeighAnne - 93.8kg Loss 200g
Lyn - 107.4kg Loss 3.2kg
Marie - 92.7kg Loss 200g
Mellisa - 93.5kg Gain 1.5kg
Michelle -
Rachael - 72.4kg Loss 1.7kg
Wanna - 74kg Loss 2.4kg


Leighanne said...

Sorry I'm late - got a bit on at the moment!
This weeks weight 93.8

Chris H said...

Hmmmm, seems to me half of us are right royal slackers on the weight loss front at the moment, wonder what's the problem? Motivation, inclination, too cold? How's the wedding plans coming along??? AND JUST what are you going to call your blog after you get married? Four kids and a hubby?

Mellisa said...

Hey you .... 93.5 ..... A gain .... and I beat you!!

B said...

Yeah, i'm the same, i'm a bloody slacker too. :0(