Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Week One Results

Briony - 77kg No movement
Chubby Mum - 119.9kg Loss 800g
Cranky Bee -
Jo - 84.3kg No movement
Jules (Me) - 101kg Gain 1.2kg
Kittie - 85.5kg Gain 500g
Kitty Kat - 60.8kg Gain 300g
Krissy - 95.4kg Loss 200g
LeighAnne - 94kg Loss 400g
Lyn - 110.6kg Gain 3.1kg
Marie - 92.9kg Loss 500g
Mellisa - 92kg Loss 500g
Michelle -
Rachael - 74.1kg Gain 400g (not official)
Wanna - 76.4kg Gain 1.4kg

So, as you can see, a heap of you slack arsed buggers haven't sent you weights in. This sort of blatant tardiness will not be tolerated. I am a busy mum of four, trying to organise a wedding. You mo fo's just better get the results in quickly or I may just have to beat someone's bumhole with a riding crop.


Kittie said...

Hmmm... might hold out for the riding crop then.

I gained 500g.... probably the box of smarties every night that's doing that. Will try harder for next week... I promise!

Chris H said...

OOOO what a LADY you are (NOT)... ha ha ha.... and you can talk ya tart, you gained too! Pull finger ya twit, you gotta look devine for your wedding girl!!!

Kitty said...

Hi I am SO glad I'm not the only one who gained! I know Rachael has got the lappy till her husband gets home so she can't tell you.

We started CSIRO diet and she reported her weight as 74.1 yesterday if that is helpful.

Don't threaten me with a riding crop missus unless you intend to deliver. Ooooeeeeer. Wagon wheel anyone?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Jules, wasn't sure whether or not we did it weekly or at the end of the 4 weeks, anyways, better late than never, loss of 200gms, ie 95.4kg....thanks!! You can put away that riding crop now!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, didn't say who that post was from, Krissy !

Chubbymum said...

Woohoo I am not the slack arse tart.... it is usually me he he he


Mellisa said...

92 for me .... loss .5!! Sorry for the delay ....
How are the wedding plans going anyway Jules?? I hope you don't stress out like my sister in law is .... Fuckn twit!!

Lyn said...

This slack arse tart was too ashamed to put my gain in ... lucky for me I have a whiparse teacher who found out the results anyway... thanks chick ... I think :)

Jo said...

Hi Jules

Stayed exactly the same - 84.3kgs

This is an absolute miracle considering I consumed the equivalent of small country over the weekend.

Better be v.careful this week, methinks.

Looking forward to seeing what color font you are going to give me!

Michelle said...

I am the same! - 65.4kgs
Thanks for the hurry up!

Miss Beck said...


"I may just have to beat someone's bumhole with a riding crop."

You say that like it's a bad thing.

Rachael said...

Sorry for the late up date. Unfortunately you are correct. A 400gm gain. Boo hoo.

B said...

I stayed the same, but it should be TTOM soon? Maybe, dunno, cos i'm out of fecken whack aren't I?
77 again, still or whatever - don't threaten me with a riding crop unless you mean it!! hehe

Wanna_B_slim said...

Ohh looks like the ladies actually like the thought of the riding crop... and I thought I was the only sick bitch in blog land..hahahahah
oh and thanx for adfding me to the wall of shame.. haha

Kitty said...

Is Thursday weigh day?

If so I am 60.4 kilos which is a staggering 100 gram loss. Fuck it.