Monday, August 27, 2007


This is not a post as such.

This is a desperate plea for help.

My feet are massive, this has been a sad reality since pregnancy number three.


Went to No 1 Shoes on Saturday and literally tried on approx 100 pairs of shoes - not one pair could I get my feet in.

My feet are wide, probably from the last 3 years not really wearing any restrictive footwear.

But the big problem is the thickness - they are, just past the toes, about 8cm thick! I kid you not and that is now when I have been asleep all night. As the fluid builds up during the day they get thicker.

So, what the hell am I going to wear on my feet to my wedding. I need a bit of a heel to make the dress sit and drape properly and, here's the catch ...............

I need them by next Monday night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please any similar elephant footed women, give me guidance.

I am in a very tearful state about this.


Kristy said...

This might be pricey, but is there somewhere that custom makes shoes in NZ?

Kristy said...

Oh ooops I doubt they would be made by next Monday night though.

Anonymous said...

You may not like this, but I have wide feet to, and was advised to go to a shop that sells to drag queens. You could mabey do an internet/white pages search and see if their are any shops like that in your area. They may not be what your looking for, but might be worth a try.

Lynda said...

My suggestion would be to go to Kumfs Shoes - I see there is a branch in Christchurch. I don't know how big they go but they are made for wider feet. Give them a call. Otherwise I would just phone around shoe shops - you never know.

Arron's Kiwi Girl said...

My Mum has the same problem, and wears Kumfs also - got some pretty nice ones in their range too!

Sue said...

Willow shoes????

Taylor_John said...

Just to try something a little alternative:

If it is more fluid you are trying to reduce to fit into the perfect shoes for the big day try this. It make work for the time frame you have.

This is taken from my Bowen Therapy course I have been studying for the past year.

First I suggest you keep up a good water intake. The following is suggested:

For good health, it's a great aim to drink six cups of water a day. The rest of your daily tally can be made up of caffeine-free beverages. Great choices if you're watching your weight include soda and sparkling mineral waters, diet soft drinks, tonic water and herbal teas.

Now this may sound like a lot but if you don't enjoy drinking water try and aim for a glass in the morning and a glass around 4pm.

This aids in flushing out the kidneys so you are doing them a huge favour.

Also during this stage make sure over the next week you reduce your salt intake, but keep in mind some people need a little salt in the diet.

Now for a trial basis try using the following method to reduce fluid swelling in your feet:

Washing soda pack to draw fluid off a joint

Crush washing soda crystals (sodium carbonate, sal soda, Lectric Soda) to coarse salt size and place a layer of the soda about 1 cm x 2 cm (4 x 2 x 1 inches) in the centre of a square of cotton, (e.g., a man’s handkerchief or tea towel, depending on the size of the joint). Make a pack by folding the edges of the material over the soda so that only one layer of cloth will lie between the soda and the skin.

Tape this pad in position over the swollen joint, then cover it with a towel and keep it on overnight, or for a minimum of three to four hours.

Use washing soda pack on alternate days.

Sensitive skin can blister. Apply Vaseline to the skin before applying the soda pack.

With very sensitive skin, try half a cup of washing soda in a bath and soak for half an hour. Take care as washing soda can make the bath very slippery.

Some people have reported that this is very effective and they have drawn quite a bit of fluid off the joint by using this method. Some have been surprised by the amount of fluid that has been drawn and having to change the padding within hours.

Make sure you can get a half hour walk in twice this week as this helps your muscles expel toxins.

As for the wideness, them's just bones, can't help with that.

Give this a bash, maybe even repeat the process two days before the wedding. I found by the end of my wedding day even my face was looking swollen. You do spend most of the day on your feet after all, so I suggest your shoes are the most comfortable thing you buy.

Keep up with the detox too. :)

Cazzie!!! said...

Kumfs for sure, if you can find them near you somewhere, they are ther way to go. Of course, I know you will just belt me one or blow a raspberry at me if I say put your feet up and rest..yeah I know!

Tania said...

I too have wide feet (though not a problem with fluid) and find it difficult to buy shoes "off the rack". We have a lot of places here in Adelaide where we can get shoes made to measure but the prices are rediculous - I have to say it may just be your best bet!

Hope you find a solution soon.

zara said...

Cute chunky & funky white leather boots? I'm sorry you're in this situation. One of my friends with "normal" feet wore athletic shoes just because she wanted to and no one would see them, anyway. Everyone thought it was great and hilarious.

Lee-Anne said...

I don't have any advise mate. Hope the girls above have given you enough ideas tho.

Please don't get teary tho. Everything always works out - remember that.

How are you going on your detox? I started yesterday and so far so good. Am dreaming of some protein and meat tho.

Anne said...

I'm sure the above comments have helped - well I hope so!

I also have big and wide feet. It's a real hassle trying to get shoes to fit - now my biggest problem is getting comfortable ones. Hope you find something even just to wear for the ceremony - then go bare feet and party!

Anonymous said...

I know this won't help by Monday, but as I have wide feet too (EEE) and a size 8 (AU) fashionable shoes were out of the question till I bought a pair of shoes from Evans in the Uk. They make them xtra wide even for me!

I now buy them on ebay!

Good luck Jules

Wanna_B_slim said...

Oh bloody hell..didnt my comment get to you???
Bummer about the shoe problem...
I hope you find something and fast...
Weigh in was 72.4 for operation butt crack.... I think... that was yesterday..I've had a sleep since then and a day at work..arghhhhhh

Chubbymum said...

Jules I have the same problem too and I even have to wear mens sneakers because of how wide my feet are.

I would try Kumpfs too because they are made in wide sizes...

Oh hun big hugs


Arron's Kiwi Girl said...

what's happened??