Thursday, August 23, 2007

Week 3 Results

Briony -
Chubby Mum -
Cranky Bee - hasn't given any results so catch ya up
Jo -
Jules (Me) - 101.2kg Loss 400g
Kittie -
Kitty Kat - 58.9kg Loss 500g
Krissy - 93.8kg No movement
LeighAnne -
Lyn - 108kg New weighin on new scales
Marie -
Mellisa -
Michelle - hasn't given any results so catch ya up.
Rachael - 72kg Loss 400g
Wanna - 73.2kg Loss 800g

As you can see, all up us have either lost weight or maintained, those of us that have given the bloody results!! I weighed in this morning for my final weigh in - 100kg flat, so I managed to gain 200g over the four weeks, which is technically the weight of 1 cup of rice. Not too bad really although the fucken aim was to lose!!

Dress fitting is on Saturday at lunch time.


Kitty said...

that was last weeks weight! i'm now 59.8 which is still a loss but is sucking.

i was 60.4

then 58.9 (-1.5 loss)

now i is 59.8 (+0.9)

so i only lost fuck all (0.7)

Michelle said...

I started at 65.4kgs, week two was the same, last week was 65 exactly.

Leighanne said...

Sorry I was late:)
This week was 93.3