Friday, August 10, 2007

A Plethora of Things

  1. Gain of 600g this week, officially making me the biggest LOSER in the world. What a dick!! Who gains weight before their dress fitting??
  2. Four new fillings, a fixed front filling and my old crown taken off and a new temp one put on, which incidentally is yellow and makes me look like a gangsta rappa!!
  3. Lingerie fitted and bought yesterday. Hideous yet great experience. Standing in front of full length mirror with Magic Knickers on and a bustier (which I got for $100 instead of $160 because the lady had dropped some ink on it just under the boob and you can't even see it when it's on!). Not very sexy but I'll find something nice to change into, it's all about what you look like in the dress afterall.
  4. Visit to the Urology Physiotherapist who made me lie on a bed with no knickers on and doing all sorts of crazy coughing and tightening tasks while she shoved her fingers up me va-jay-jay to see how conditioned my pelvic floor is. Couldn't quite get if figured so I then had to stand up, do a half crouch with one hand on the basin and my right foot on the bottom of the bed while she crouched in front of me with her fingers up the vjj and she tried to peer in to see what was going on. I was mortified but imagined at that very instant that Blair would think it was BRILLIANT!
  5. Bought an Isuzu Bighorn so our oversized family can finally get around together.
  6. Was toddler and baby free on Wednesday night so took the older two kids to Robbies for some special time out with Mum and Dad. The atmosphere was great but the food was shit. Paid $13.50 for the seafood nibbles basket which in the description said "one to share". With whom I do not know. Maybe Smurfette. There were 2 squid rings, 2 fish bites, 2 scallop bites (mock!) and a basket of chips. So basically we paid $13.50 for a scoop of chips and some fish flavouring!! I won't even go into the rest of the shit meal. As soon as the mains were served Ben announced he needed a poo (which is translation for "I'll be gone for 20 mins and no other human being is going to want to go into the toilets for the next 24 hours).
  7. Was chatting to sister this morning and she mentioned that she was trying to get some photos off Mum for a photo board for my hens night. Mum laughed and said "do you want ones of her eating!!". Sister told me, I went quiet and tried to hide the fact I was crying. Why does this affect me so much?? Fucken bitch. Anyone would think she was Elle MacPherson.


Kitty said...

Oh Fuck Jules. I feel all teary for you. That must have stung like a motherfucker. *hug*

Can you please give me the name and address of the physio woman that sound right up my alley (and hopefully va-jay-jay).

When Oprah called her pussy a va-jay-jay to Dr Mehmet Oz I suddenly wanted to shag him senseless. What does this say about me? He's all doctorey and lovely that man.


Oh can you please remind me when weigh in day is? I posted this weeks weight on your last post yessie - is it Thursdays? I forgot.

Lyn said...

You are not the biggest loser for gaining 600g chickey!!! Now 3kg gain on the first week of a challenge!!!??? that's the biggest loser!!!

Remember it's only people with insecurity that pull other people down. That is HER issue NOT yours. As hard as that is to hear DON'T take it to heart! What goes around comes around, eventually

Caleen said...

When I read the word 'va-jay-jay' I spat coffee all over myself. OMG, funniest thing ever and the mental picture was fantastic!

It sucks that you mom has to be that way. Mine has made some fairly rude comments as well. When we were shopping for a dress for my wedding she told me I HAD to have a dress with sleeves because of how my arms look. I wanted to die. I ended up picking a dress I hated and I've been semi-bitter ever since.

My mom has been really overweight my whole life, I suppose she is just projecting her own feelings onto me, but that's not very comforting at any rate.

Take care!

Kate said...

ARGH! Why are Mums so good at doing that to their kids? It sucks! (Hugs)

Chris H said...

Your mum is a biarch is all I can say, oh and definitely "what goes around comes around".... .*BIGGEST HUG* mate... we have ALL BEEN THERE... and it fucken hurts..... do you have big problems with your va ja ja or you just like people dicking around with it????? Wish they would leave mine alone.....freaking out now....

Miss Beck said...

Why do I feel so protective of you right now? *frown* That is a fucking awful thing to say... BUT did it make your sister feel good for sharing that info?

Sometimes, I think there is a double whammy. When people get off on making you feel bad by relaying what others have said about you, well, it's just not right and it reflects so much on them. Sure, she's your sister but she should have said "Mum that's not nice" and never spoken a word to you.

LOL@ smurfette comment. That cracked me up though it's crazy they charged so much for nothing really.

A new car! Yeeehaw!

LOL@ Blair thinking the Urologist fingers in your Va-Jay-jay would be brilliant.

I love those magic knickers! Your bustier is gorgeous too.

Gangsta rapper tooth. Thank god it's only temporary. Wouldn't want anyone busting a cap in your ass. ;)

Tania said...

I hear you with the sister thing! I've lived that very situation many times myself - oh the joys of being the odd one out with a size 10 mum and size 14 sister!

So TAKE REVENGE - use that feeling as your determination to move forward and get back to those double digits, you KNOW you can do it!

Kitty said...

Good call Tania!

airlie said...

oh shit - way big plethera of stuff and now i have read everyone's comments i foregt what i was going to say - better just give ya a hug!

Jenniy said...

I'm sorry about your mom, what a crappy thing to say.

I pretty much stayed the same weight between the time I tried on the sample version of my wedding dress (4 sizes too small! Thank goodness it laced up or I'd never fit into it) and when my actual dress came in. However, the week before the wedding I know I gained weight because I ate so much crap while family was at our house.

Steph said...

Jesus Christ! I have no words.
((big hugs))

Wanna_B_slim said...

Family rooly sux sometimes hey...
Hope you manage to get the dress sorted at the fitting without too much stress!!!
Just reporting in before WORK (argh!!) I amanged to get rid of that lovely gain last week... and a bit more... ;o) 74 neat this morning...
first weekend in a looooong time I didnt have a gain!!!! probably catch up with me tomorrow.. damn scotch and cornchips just cant stay in the pantry on the weekends!!! Operation buttcrack here I come...

Jo said...

Hi Jules

Weighed in this morning at 82.4kgs.

Hope you are feeling ok!!!!


Rachael said...

Life can be so shit and so great sometimes, hey? Feeling for you Jules.

My loss is 1.7kg this week. xx

Anonymous said...

Hi, weigh in this morning was 93.8.Thanks and have a good week, Krissy