Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Had a Long Day

Today, for some unknown reason, seemed extremely long. It has just gone on forever. And I am itchy, I just feel like something is biting me everywhere. And the Rangiora volunteer emergency services siren is going off as I type. Something new to get used to in a smaller town. All the volunteers will come sprinting out of their houses and all arrive at the local fire station and head off to whatever accident/fire/tragedy that has befallen the local area. The wierd thing is, for a small community, I hear this siren a hell of a lot. Either there is a shit load of inbreeding which has led to a whole lot of clumsiness, or I just used to coast along blissfully unaware in the big smoke of Christchurch as to how much ill fatedness was going on around me.

Tangent Queen!!

Had Sian at hospital this morning for followup with Paediatric Neurologist and all is sweet and he said "Goodbye, I hope I never see you again" which was quite funny, yet a bit mean at the same time. Her calcium levels have come down to within normal range and that rules out epilepsy.

Made a lovely venison chasseur dish for dinner but, I didn't like the texture of the venison medallions so Blair ate my share. Disappointing as they looked like melt in your mouth steak but so weren't.

All you kiwis out there will appreciate this:

I found Toffee Milks at the supermarket. And for $1.96 a pack of 10 (which pisses me off as there are no five cent coins anymore, let alone any one and two's, so why the hell do things still cost in units of money that don't exist?? Barstards!!). Anyway, back to the joy of Toffee Milks. So remember them when I was a teenager. Used to only cost about 10c and you could chew them forever. For those that don't remember, they are small, thin bars of hard (snappy hard) caramel covered in milk chocolate. And these are not going to be part of my vocab after tomorrow but I had to buy some before the START!!

I have decided to add to my list of things I have to do as well:

Have to track
Have to be honest with myself
Have to email Zara more regularly!! (Just because I know you have mental health issues).


Melissa said...

Hey there good to hear all is well with Sian. I can sympathise on the rediculously priced items, after god knows how long without 1's and 2's we still have $3.99 and $3.42 items so stupid only a matter of time before we loose our 5cent peices too they are totally invaluable these days!!!
So excited you are in Rangiora now although I dont know if we will get there this year, we are off to Whakatane for christmas but will try for next year to visit the out-laws in Rangiora!!
Take care Mel xx

Kim said...

I am so glad that all is well with bubs now and that you have had a good chat with your doc to get things into perspective.

We are both starting a fresh this week and lets hope things start to pan out for us weightwise. Wishing you lots of luck.

Oh and PS I have tagged you for the four things quiz that is going around. Check out my blog for the questions (Only if you have time, I know you're busy.)

Chris H said...

Yaa for Sian being well.... and yep, I remember Toffee Milks .... oh don't tell me where they are! I can do without any extra temptations right now.

Zara said...

LMAO! So true! I'm crazier than a sh*thouse rat.

I'm so glad to hear that Sian's normalness was confirmed. Are you sure she's yours? ;)