Thursday, January 25, 2007


I just don't bloody have it - anyone got some they would be willing to sell??

I am severely lethargic and have just spent 50 mins looking at other people's blogs and it hit me. I SPEND TOO MUCH BLOODY TIME READING YOUR BLOGS AND NOT ENOUGH WRITING MY OWN!! I need to remember the reason I am doing this blogging thing, for me. The first thing I should do is get on and do my entry and then have a look at you guys!!

My bubs has just woken and I am going to have to go, hopefully can come back and add some more tonight.

Need to discuss a wedding - yes mine!!


Chris H said...

OH MY GOD!!! You are getting married, fan-bloody-tastic!!! How exciting, and talk about MOTIVATION, you want to look gorgeous in your wedding dress dontcha????? You will have to change the name of your blog if you get married... four kids and a married tart!!! LMAO

Rachel said...

A wedding..........yay!

That is definately a major motivator. Write out a plan on how much exercise and food and weight you are going to do each week until the wedding, it will give you something else to focus on.

Can't wait to hear the details.

Sarah said...

Oh my God!! i have missed so much!! sorry!!
I cant view your blog in Mozilla so I always forget to check since I never use IE!!
ANYWAY Im really sorry to hear of all your medical emergencies, it must have been very scarey for you to see bubs seizing. I am pleased that she (and you) are well now.
Exciting about your wedding - cant wait to hear more.

Melissa said...

Hey there mate, Wowee a wedding I am so excited...
Keep that seed in you mind and work on where you wanna go, write it/blog it and remind yourself what your motivation is. Take care and looking forward to more pics of ur babe who I am sure is growing far too quickly.
Mel xxx