Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Went and bought my new electronic scales. Was a bit pissed off as I went to Farmers to get the new Weight Watchers ones and, being a little biddy store, they didn't have any. They had a sign that said "30% off all electronic scales except weight watchers" but they just didn't HAVE the weight watchers ones. So, couldn't let that stand in my way of starting tomorrow so I bought some Salter ones that were usually $90 but, due to discount, were down to $63.

So am all ready for my new start tomorrow. Blair and I often look at old photos and while we were shifting and going through stuff he found a photo of me he liked and I said "well I was about 59kg there" and he jokingly said tonight that we won't be getting married until I am back to 59!! Now that's some incentive but I don't think we can expect that to be happening within 10 months. I have no figures till the morning but I am expecting that would be about 50kg in 10 months, or 5kg a month. Maybe if I was on the Biggest Loser. See you in the morning.

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Kate said...

I'm enjoying your more regular posting :-)