Thursday, February 01, 2007

Start Weight (if you missed it): 106.4kg or 234 pounds for you out of country folk
Goal Weight: 65kg but could I make it to 60kg?(Dreamer??)
Kgs to Lose: 41.4kg

Not as bad as I had thought, although still very bad. When I started after Phoebe was born I was 109.8kg so definitely in a better place than then, with half a stone less to lose!!

Have started the day with weighin, 700mls of water with lemon juice in it and a plate of cereal with yoghurt.

Need to go to garage and find Chub Club filing box and get out point guides and calculators so that I can get back into point mode. Having niece to stay tonight, which should be interesting. She's a wee firecracker when she wants to be, but then again, what kid isn't (Phoebe jumps to mind!!)

I'll end with a lovely photo that I took on my little Nokia cellphone of the gorgeous sky over Rangiora on Sunday night. I love my town.


Chris H said...

End of the day,any scales will do! Go for it Jules! Lovely photos by the way.

katiep said...

Good luck Jules - I'm barracking for you. Yell if you need a bit of moral support - I know you can do it.
K xxx