Monday, February 12, 2007

15 Coathangers for 15 Bucks

What is Blair thinking??

He was off to the Warehouse the other day with a friend and I said to him "We really need coathangers so grab some". He arrived home with three sets of 5 at the ridiculously over the top price of $5 a set, a total of $15!! Coathangers are a great invention but definitely not worth a dollar each!!! This is where men and women differ, most of us women would look at the price and flag it but not a bloke!!

My feet are hideous aren't they? Definitely know it's fluid retention, along with a good lashing of obesity but I am great at giving health advice to others but taking it myself? Not my strong point.

Here's my girl Sian for all those who want more:

And trying to talk to Mummy:


Kate said...

Awwww! Little Miss Gorgeous!

Chris H said...

Sian is adorable! Had a weird dream about you last night, can't remember too many details, but I was meeting up with you somewhere and then ??? weird considering I havn't met you! Maybe we will one day.

Kt said...

oh wow, she is sooooooo cute!