Friday, February 02, 2007

Day One - DONE!!

Made a decision half way through the day to not track my points but to just track my food. I am just doing this for the first week, be it detrimental or not, to see what I am doing without the points. So at the end of the week I am going to point up everything that I ate for the week and see how close I was to what I needed to be. This is to see whether I am capable of making my healthier decisions, still keeping to approx point values, but without the constant point counting. We'll see if it works next Thursday morning. I know - a bit dangerous on my first week but I think, if these changes are for life then I really need to see how I am gauging my intake by my hunger/choices and see if they match up with what I should be doing. After that it will be points.

As for the first day, well!! I didn't realise how bad I had become at picking at food every time I enter the kitchen. There is a part of my subconcious that just takes over and makes my hand reach to put food in my cakehole. It started as early as breakfast when I reached for Phoeb's leftover crusts without even thinking. Terrible!! And then every time I went in the vicinity of food I was actually having to stop myself from reaching out for something to shove in my gob.

So I had a few mental struggles but I got through them.

Had Tuna with garlic and olive oil on a baked potato with a baby rocket and spinach leaf salad. And an orange.

Dinner was a Lamb chop with one potato and more salad.

After dinner, "it's bloody hot but I ain't having an icecream" treat was a Fruju. From memory these are only worth about 1 - 1.5pts. Blair had a waffle cone with orange choc chip and hokey pokey icecream and a Fruju. Obviously thinks he needs it!!

All in all I had a good day with plenty of good food and plenty of water, although not enough to reach target. No snacking, apart from a scheduled afternoon coffee with biscuits (2), but all planned for.

Feeling good.


Rachel said...

First day sounds excellent. I know what you mean about points, it can get to be a real pain in the butt constantly counting.
I'm interested to see how close you get at the end of the week.

Roll on day 2.

Jadey 0:-) said...

You are doing well girl! Well done.

Lee-Anne said...

Day one done. You did great. Day two nearly gone too. I know you're going to have a great first week. You go girl.

Mellisa said...

Hey Jules!! Great to see you back!
I'm looking forward to seeing you get to goal for your wedding!!
Your definately on the right track.

Mellisa (

Chris H said...

All sounds bloody good to me! Interesting, counting the food but not the points, might even try that myself!

Sarah said...

Man i missed heaps again!!!

Good on you for getting started! Have you thought about doing the no count plan?? i could email you the list of foods you are allowed if you like? Basically you can eat whatever you like off the lists, and then you have 21 points a week for other foods. It would work well with your recording food but not points??

Anyway sounds like you ar doing really well!!