Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mother of the Year - NOT!!

I suck arse as a mother at the moment. I am too flippin self obsessed. I pissed around over the weekend and then bought kids stationery on Monday. Went out all yesterday and when got home at 8pm last night thought, shit - haven't covered the kids books in Duraseal. Fuck it! They can just take their books as is and I will get them to bring the books home at the weekend to cover them. How nice is that? Kids starting new school and selfish mother doesn't even cover books in trendy, hideously over priced Duraseal. Then again, between them I had 22 books to cover and I would have been still up at 2am in the morning.

Things aren't good on the eating front. They were fantastic until Blair was home for the long weekend. He is so bad for me in the weightloss department. He makes me angry and I, in retaliation, eat shit. Well of course, that is not meant literally as I don't react by eating faeces, but I do eat heaps of crappy food like M & M's.

I have decided to eat by the WW No Count plan. I have all the info in a booklet out in the garage so will get on and study up and go from there next week. I like the idea of being free to eat good stuff and only counting the points of the badder things.


Chris H said...

You do know that no one is force feeding you shit eh? But I do know how easy it is to give in to temptation especailly if one's partner does not help you! Stew is wonderful now (finally) and won't go and get me evil food when I whinge at him! He just says "NO", cos he doesn't want me to bitch about eating it later on... neat eh? Hmmmm, think I've trained him too well.

tracy said...

Do people really still cover school books - looks like I am a sucky Mum too!!! Seems like a waste of perfectly good time to me not to mention money. I named the damn things for them!!!

I do remember my Mum never bought the flash proper plastic, MY books were covered in leftover wallpaper!

Pretty sure not covering school books will not traumatise the kids & make them turn out to be dysfunctional members of society:0)

Sarah said...

You so dont need to cover kids books - I am at a 'rich' school (with ridiculous parents) and only about 1/3 of my kids books are covered! (so dont feel sucky!!)

no count sounds like a good plan!