Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Week Three Weigh In

Start Weight: 106.4kg
Week Three: 106.6 kg
Loss/Gain: 200g gain
Lost so far: 200g Gained!!
Kgs to Goal:46.6kg

Okay, so Week Four weigh in is tomorrow and I am only just posting week three. Slackarooney tooney!! As I had expected after the weekend of alcohol etc I had a 200g gain. TOM arrived and I wasn't too fussed either way. Next weigh in is tomorrow which is also the 1st of March. Considering I started on the 1st of February it will be ridiculously embarrassing if I still register a gain over start weight after a month on the plan.

I need a week free of blue cheese, chocolate, biscuits, chorizo or cheese cransky sausages!! I gave No Count a good shot for this week but I don't know how suitable it is going to be with my breastfeeding. I found that one little salad with avocado had stripped me of my extra points for the day and that just won't work for me. What I am finding has become a common theme is that I binge out, get frustrated, set an unrealistically strict eating plan and then fail. So plan for March:

Back to points
Back to reality
Back to the here and now

I also need goals.

One of them may be to sort out this flippin blog. My punk themed blog was a disaster. Then I went on the new blogger and set myself up with easy templates and I like the basic look but can't figure out how to enter html where I want it. Can't even hook up the blogroll.

My first goal is to reach virgin fat (a term a lot of you other chubbies tend to use) by end of March. Lowest I have been in five years is 102.6kg and that was recorded not long before getting pregnant with Sian. So that is about a year ago. So I have 31 days to lose 4kg, which is very achievable.


Mellisa said...

Don't get down on yourself! I couldn't lose weight while I breasfed either. As soon as I gave up, it dropped off. Not sure why?? ((I'm NOT saying to give it up!!)) I always thought breastfeeding helped with the weight loss? For some I suppose?
Your first goal is realistic... you can do this!


Chris H said...

I never lost weight while breastfeeding either, dont be too hard on yourself girl. I think 4 kgs in 31 days is doable, as long as you stop the binging! You know what you are doing "wrong", so pull finger and it will happen for you. I have finally pulled finger and changed a few things, gotten onto a good "vicious cycle" so to speak, and it is working.... try it. Make some positive changes ... take care of yourself.

Rachel said...

Love the new 'look' of your blog, very calming.

Good luck with weigh in tomorrow, I feel your pain as all I have been doing lately is putting weight on rather than taking it off...WTF???