Thursday, March 01, 2007

Week Four Weigh In

Start Weight: 106.4kg
Week Four: 106.4 kg
Loss/Gain: 200g loss
Lost so far: Nothing!!
Kgs to Goal:46.4kg

Nothing ventured, nothing lost!!

Chris puts it so well in her comment when she gives me a good boot up the arse with her stern, but always fair words. I know exactly why I am still the same weight I was four weeks ago. I haven't had a plan, I have jumped from this to that, all the while knowing that if I don't commit to anything hard out then I don't have to commit to anything at all. But I have stuck strictly to points today and am going to do it without fail every day of the next week. Then we'll see what actually sticking to something can do for weight loss!!


Chris H said...

F%$#K You think that was giving you a good boot up the arse! I was being NICE ! lol You are just lucky I ain't living next door to you, then you really would be in trouble. Have a LOVELY day.. *BIG SMILES*

Mellisa said...

Shit happens .... New month .... new goal....
Have a great weekend...


Sandra said...

Good for you with your plan and sticking to points.
Go for it.