Thursday, March 22, 2007

Week 7 Weigh In

Start Weight: 106.4kg
Week Seven: 105.2 kg
Loss/Gain: 800g loss
Lost so far: 1.2kg
Kgs to Goal: 45.2kg

Funny isn't it?? You forget about your weight worries to deal with other issues and, due to budget restrictions and the addition of $20 a pop baby formula, you have an old style weekly menu consisting of old cheapie favourites like macaroni cheese, mince and mashed potatoes, curried sausages, fish pie, and bacon and egg pie and you go and lose weight!! Go figure??


Chris H said...

Gawd, all those meals sound sooooo yum!!! And you lost weight? bugger me! Might just have to say... GOOD ON YOU !

Tania said...

Whatever it takes Jules!!! I've given up ages ago trying to work out why I lose and gain, sometimes the scales just don't make sense.

Hope you're doing better! Congrats on the loss this week. How is Sian going with the formula now?

Rachel said...

Great loss Jules.

We have also gone to a weekly menu (budgeting) and have everything on the list that you just mentioned.....yum ay?

Mellisa said...

Good on you for losing!! It could be the breastfeeding issue too.... I have said before .... as soon as I stopped, I lost!