Friday, February 09, 2007

What the Fuck Happened to Me?

Was sitting on the couch this evening and my feet were aching after a full on day of housework. Nothing like incidental exercise!! So I was looking at my feet and legs and thinking what the fuck happened to me?? Seriously, I used to have really toned athletic legs and now they look hideous.

This is me at 18 with stunning legs:

This is my right lower leg as of this evening, looks like a few illegal immigrants are hiding out inside my limbs:


Chris H said...

FUCK looks like you have serious fluid retention! Has your doctor seen the legs/feet??? If you dont want to take medication, I think there a many herbal remedies available to help? Try this simple test, press down on your shin with your other foot's heel, hold for 10-15 seconds then take heel off shin, if you have a big "dent" in your shin, it's fluid retention.... my legs once looked like yours, but now I've been taking piddle pills for ages, I never get that bad. Hope this helps?

Melissa said...

aww Jules, I really sympathise with you, your feet look just like mine as I look down.... arrgh. Does it go away a bit over night? Oh isnt it horrible feels like it is going to explode.. you poor thing.

Rachel said...

Ouch that looks painful.

I tend to agree with Chris_H, looks like you are retaining fluid *shrug* might be worth checking it out with your Doc next time your there for a visit.

Zara said...

You weren't kidding about your Cabbage Patch Kid feet!!!

But whether you're 18 or 31, you're still beautiful. So put up your feet, gorgeous, and put down those M&M's. You'll get everything back in balance a little bit at a time.