Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Lard Arse Loser

Have you heard about the lard arse loser?
She's a loser but she'll still keep on trying!!

(Think Little River Band!!)

The copious amounts of alcohol over the weekend have made me feel like shit for absolutely days after. My head is fuzzy and I have been eating utter crap. I mean I had chocolate cream sponge for breakfast with a couple of chocolate chip cookies! Nutritious - I think not!!

But, I had a wee feeling of "sort your shit out" early this morning. Phoebe had hopped into our bed (around 6am) and I was feeding Sian and she reached out for me but couldn't find me and she gave a little lost "Mummy??" and my mind leapt to the image of her calling out for Mummy but me not being here because I was too selfish and weak willed to stop eating like a garbage disposal. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned doing No Count so from tomorrow on I am doing it. I figure I can probably have a couple of more points a week as I am fully breastfeeding a 3 month old. Anyone been advised on No Count rules for breastfeeding?? I figure I could probably have 25 pts a week instead of 21?? And I am making my own rule that Feta is allowed as a no count item. It's MY rule so don't go challenging it bee-atches!!

Check Steph for the best way to quickly get over the start of a binge. Fucken hilarious!!

You may have noticed that the punk girl at the top of my blog has disappeared. Something in the linkup to the image is stuffed so I am on the hunt for a new blog template. I am wondering if things aren't working as well due to the change to the new blogger?? Anyone else had probs with Caz's templates due to the changeover??


Sandra said...

Hi - tagged you

Chris H said...

Well, I'm lucky I didn't have to smash a window like you.... but it still sucked big time. I'm at my wits end today, not a happy girl at all. boo hoo

Lynda said...

I have trouble reading your blog. I haven't seen any words appearing for ages so finally figured out if I highlight the area where words should be - they appear! Not sure if its my new computer causing this or your site or a combination. Anyway I've caught up with all your news now.

Tania said...

3 months already? Wow - where has that time gone? Glad you had a good weekend, we all need them once in a while. The principle of No Count is great isn't it - i'm doing something similar myself, but like you adding a few of my favourite things, after all what's the point of having "rules" if we don't challenge them a little!

Lynda said...

I love your new look blog!!

Mellisa said...

ummm (checks time) where are you slack arse!!


Jadey 0:-) said...

Caz's templates aren't designed for new blogger. If you had it when you changed it over they still work but if you didn't too bad!