Monday, July 02, 2007


Thanks Mellissa!!!

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1. The Fat Lazy Guys Log
2. Sandie Bee
3. Diet Coke Rocks
4. Your Not Fat Hey Mummy
5. Four Kids and a Fiance


What were you doing ten years ago?
I was living in a flat in the central of Christchurch with two gib plasterers. They used to steal my underwear and pass them around the Christchurch International Airport construction site. This was dirty underwear too!! One pair ended up on a friend of mine's brother's steering wheel!! I had just lost my job and was quickly drinking my way through the 3K redundancy! I was 21 and was in the middle of a sordid triangle affair and I was very unhappy! About 80kg.

What were you doing 1 year ago?
I was pregnant with Sian and working at the accountants, and about to head to New Plymouth for my week long Naturopathy course. About 108kg I think??

Five snacks You Enjoy:
1. Sour Cream and Chives Grainwaves
2. Celery with Sweet Chilly Philly
3. Peanut butter and banana on toast!! With a wee bit of brown sugar sprinkled.
4. Creamy blue cheese on crackers
5. Eggs

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:
1. Hotel California
2. The Gambler
3. Always ... Atlantic Star
4. Me and Bobby McGee
5. All Hi 5 songs

Five things you would do if you were a Millionaire:
1. Buy a farm
2. Buy horses
3. Build our dream house, not just a practical one, it would have stables, a music room, a bunk house, a huge rumpus room with bar, 6 bedrooms for all of us plus a guest wing.
4. Finish my naturopathy, learn to dress design and sew.
5. Have ALL the people I want at my wedding with a marquee at Mt Potts.

Five Bad Habits:
1. The fucken internet
2. Eating
3. Laziness
4. Control Freak
5. Sniffing things, this nearly had me vomit in the supermarket the other day because I sniffed a dried pig's ear that I saw for the dog, it smelt (fucken surprisingly) like rotten pig. I dry retched!!

Five Things You Like Doing:
1. Orgasms
2. Eating
3. Laughing
4. Cooking
5. Camping

Five Things You'll Never Wear Again:
1. Nappies
2. Shoulder pads
3. Size 24 clothes (Well if I don't pull my head in .... that may not be true!!)
4. Leggings
5. Bike pants

Five Favourite "toys":
1. Silver Bullet
2. My computer
3. Blair
4. My kids
5. My sphegnamometer


Yo Heave Ho (Bags)


Sandra said...


Just caught up with all your news - no home internet since early May!

I love the dress. Perhaps you can get the bust and the arms adjusted?

looking forward to hearing all about it in the weeks to come...


Chris H said...

What the fuck is a sphegnamometer????? And hey, never say never to nappies, you just never know what sort of old person you could end up being!!! ewwwwww. **snigger**

Lyn said...

lol @ Chris's comment!!

I'd totally forgotten about shoulder pads ... how stupid were they?? the bigger the better!! heheh

Mellisa said...

*wearing a wig and sunglasses so Jules doesn't recongnise me*

Hi I am new .... my name is Sven ...

Ha ha Chris .... that is true!! lol

I want to know what a sphegnamometer is too....??

Sarah said...

LOL this is a funny post - not sure about the flatmates who stole your dirty knickers though!

I would relist the dress and find one you KNOW will fit - your bridesmaid dress sounds beautiful!

Wanna_B_slim said...

Silver bullet hey.....

Christine said...

Yah! I love these tags! :)

Steph said...

You sniff things? lolzz, you're pretty kooky ;)