Monday, July 02, 2007

The Dress

Well ....

The dress arrived on Saturday and there are dramas.

It is way too small in the bust (I'm in a DD/E depending on the time of month) and I don't think it will be adjustable. The waist and hips are too big but could be adjusted. The drop arms are too tight, I have child bearing arms.

So I am beginning to think the adjustment thing is going to be a drama and a half.

I am thinking I would be better to relist the dress if she won't refund me, get one made that is similar in design and at least be rest assured on the day that my dress is going to fit me like a glove, albeit a boxing glove at this rate of weight loss.

On a more exciting note, Keri (sister, matron of honour) and I went looking at bridesmaid fabrics. She saw a print ad in a women's mag the other day for Mitchum deodorant and it showed a wedding day prep and the bridesmaid was wearing a sage green 3/4 strapless dress with a lavender organza wrapped around the waist. It was gorgeous and, after great yarns with an on to it manager at Fabric Vision, we have decided on materials etc and designs to suit Peta and Keri. The manager was AWESOME! She knew her shit and I asked her if she was a dressmaker as well, and she is. Only problem is that she is moving in a couple of months to Timaru, 2 hours drive south of Christchurch. I will see what else comes up but I may just have to stalk the woman!! Jane, her name is, Jane my dressmaker ... sounds good.

On an even more exciting note, had a great weekend with the fridge situation finally being addressed!

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Chris H said...

So glad that you finally got a bit....and yep, sounds like you need to get your dress made to order so to speak... I can relate to the baby arms.. boo hoo.