Monday, July 30, 2007

Let the Challenge Begin

So who's in?

Kitty Kat

So if anyone else wants to join you have till the end of today to send me your start weight and details.

That is all about that!!

Update: Krissy, welcome, it's a 4 week challenge, counting down to my first dress fitting. Details in previous post.


Kitty said...

Hey Momma! I'm off to a great start! Off the jesus juice as of yesterday. On points and on that fucken treadmill baby. BRING IT.

Kitty said...

P.S. Please change my starting weight to 60.5 darls as my new scale is a sweet talking bitch and says I lost .5 of kilo in 12 hours. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Hello, can I please join Jules. My starting wieght is 95.6. By the way, how long is the challenge for. Thanks, KRISSY.

Kitty said...

Hi Krissy - good luck!

Kate said...

Hmmm I emailed but I'll "join" here too!! I am Kate and I am 85kg and NEEEED to do something and stop procrastinating!

Kitty said...

Hi Kate - good luck to you too!

Leighanne said...

My start weight 94.4 :)

Chubbymum said...


Hey hun can you change my link for Chubbymum to

We are going to soooo do this!!


Jo said...

Hey Jules

I would love to be in too.

Start weight is 84.0kgs

Thanks for the motivation!!!!


Chris H said...

OOOO glad I'm not the only one, but I think I win in the pig out stakes mate! I'm feeling better now, just have these ups and downs in my day, wish I didn't so often though.

Jo said...

OK, I would like to amend my start weight to 84.3kgs.

Just found some digital scales at work so will use these from now on.


Lyn said...

ok duh!! Blonde today!! lol

Yeah count me in... 107.5kg start weight ... bugger weighin this week will be going in reverse but hey that's ok.

Rachael said...

What a good day to find you. Count me in- 73.7kgs.

Rachael at

B said...

Here I am, here I am, don't start without me
Briony - 77 kg
(See I told you "Project Ball Gown" wouldn't last!! hahaha)

Mellisa said...

Count me in .... I am a porky pig lately and my start weight is now 92.5 kilos!! *hangs head in shame*
Hopefully I will do better here than I did in my own!!

Michelle said...

Would love to join!
Starting weight is 65.4kgs.
Thanks Jules!


Kitty said...

4 kilometres on the treadmill and 1 hour of Tae Bo plus staying OP laydees! Pow! Bam! Take that disgusting hail damage on my bum!

Jin said...

Right Jules - after my weigh in of this morning, I'm 109kg exactly. I'm going on holiday for the next month, but will try & keep track of your blog, to see how you're doing! I've lost 14.2kg since 1st May & just hope I'm strong enough to avoid all the temptation of holiday grub!