Thursday, May 10, 2007

GF For Me!!

This is definitely not about weight loss alone, I am in it for the health benefits, but baby - check out "What's The Weight?" to the right >>>>>>>>>

I have not tried to focus on weight loss at all. I have eaten when I am hungry and that is all. I have drunk a bit more water than usual and I think this is a side effect of the drier GF foods. I feel fucken great!!!!! I have more energy. I don't have a sore tummy and I just feel tops.

My little 2 year old slept in a big bed for the first time last night. I have held off getting her out of her cot for a number of reasons but it is definitely time for Sian to progress from the bassinett so I did the big transfer. I was not thinking positively at all, expected an all night vigil as I had with Ben when he went into a cot. But ... she blew me out of the water by hopping in, saying she was cosy and sleeping all night (apart from 5.12am when I heard her repeating "I'm cold, I'm cold" and I went in to find her out of the blankets curled up in a ball).

My 8 year old girl proved yesterday that she is going to follow in her mother's devious ways by wearing trackpants I had bought her for school (it's bloody cold at the mo and they are part of the uniform) when she left the house and then changing into some way too small culottes from when she started school 3 years ago and then changing back before I picked her up. Sneaky little minx. I caught her out though and now am trying to think of a good punishment that suits the crime. I despair because I didn't start this sort of shit till I was about 13!! What sort of a teenager is she going to be?? Crying my arse off at the thought!!


Lyn said...

Wow fantasic loss Jules!! Isn't it cool when we just do healthy stuff because we want to and the side effect ... we lose weight!! yayya!!

lol @ your 8yr old... very cunning!

Kate said...

Yay for you - I have a friend who usually eats gluten free, and she says she feels amazing when she does, and she LOOKS different too! She didn't eat that way when she was pregnant, and you could really tell the difference in her hair and face too.
(Oh, she does have intolerance, doesn't just do it for fun, lol).

I saw at pak n save yesterday some yummy looking nut bars that said gluten free, and I thought of you.

Wanna_B_slim said...

Oh Jules.... thats fantastic... told ya girl.. doesnt take long and you start to feel gr8 !!!
And yes... easier to lose weight too when you eat foods that your body will actually tollerate!!
Awesome news that miss 2 is happy in her new big girl bed!!!
Bugga about miss 8 swapping clothes... hmm fitting punishment...
make her do the washing and ironing .. haha that will teach her to change into yet another set of clothes...

Rachel said...

Wahoo you go girl with that weight loss......excellent!

Yay for little miss 2 year old sleeping in a BIG bed without a hassle and what a giggle I had reading about your 8 year old with her changing clothes....hahaha.
Our school uniforms was a skirt to our knees and as soon as I was out of sight from our house, I use to hook it up around my waist so it only JUST covered the bits it needed to....hahaha

ombites (mary) said...

Hell yeah! That's what happens when you focus on your food and eat better. Change in diet will always do this too. So glad going GF is working for you and you're feeling great :-)

LOL at your 8 year old!!

Tania said...

You know they're growing up when it's time to take them out of the cot. I used a bit of reverse psychology on that one, I bought Lachlan a cot that converts to a toddler bed - does that mean he can be my baby for longer?

Lol @ teenagerhood - just tell her what you were like, after all isn't it common knowledge that teenagers don't want to be anything like their parents? :-)

Chubbymum said...

Jules that is a FANbloodyTASTIC loss you should be proud and feeling great is a HUGE bonus too... woohooo

Love Chubbymum