Thursday, May 17, 2007

When & How Do You Weigh?

I have had another 1kg loss this week and am stoked but, in the interests of science, I weighed again at 11am to see what the difference is between my 7am, nude weight and my mid day fully clothed and starting to retain fluid weight.

7am: 102.8kg

11am: 105.0kg

11am without clothes: 103.6kg

So there you go. This is especially to those that weigh themselves every day, sometimes morning and night, and beat themselves up about the what the scales say. I am not phased by the 11am weighin because I am the fluid retention queen. And my clothes obviously weighed a good 1.4kg. The other 800g was my fluid.

So . . . . to all those ladies that stress over a tiny gain, it can be as little a difference as what you are wearing to what time of day it is. Especially when you are pre menstrual as you retain fluid really badly. And ... if you aren't drinking enough water your body retains fluid.

I am not analysing all these numbers for my benefit as I am happy with where I am headed and where I am at, but I sometimes despair when I hear some of you other darlings worrying to death about what the scales are reading.

Do you feel better in yourself this week?

Are your clothes looser?

Is you skin clearer?

Is your face less puffy?

Do you know you were healthy and honest this week?

These are the questions you should be asking.

PS I'm as sick as a pack of wolves and am overdosing on Vit C and Cell salts. Feel much better today than yesterday and it will all have cleared up by tomorrow evening.
Keep well my peeps.


Hilly said...

Well, this is my special time of the month so my face is icky and I am puffy and I feel like crap BUT at least I am not so fat that I don't know the difference between my PMS and every other day, so I am grateful for that 100 pounds gone!

I weigh in the morning, first thing!

Lyn said...

Hmmm ... I wonder where the inspiration came from your post today?? :p

Ok consider myself told off!!

Well done on the loss chickey!!

Jo said...

Congratulations on the loss, Jules!

Im in Christchurch all weekend with a big chiropractic conference there at the Latimer Hotel - arrive at 6.30pm tonight. Im not sure what my schedule will be like as not sure how much or little im expected to do, but if I have free time, and if you are around, do you wanna meet up for a coffee and a chat?

My email address is or you can leave a comment on my blog if you are free and keen (how dodgy does THAT sound?!?!?)


Anne said...

It's taken me a few years to get to this stage - but I totally agree with you regarding the scales! I used to despair over the fluctuations, but so much can affect this. I can gain a kilo in day, and lose it again - but do know this is not a kilo of fat! I'm up a couple or so kilos from my lightest but my clothes still fit exactly the same.

The eyelash tint - totally worth it, get them done about one a month. It doesn't irritate yet I find mascara does on me.

Wanna_B_slim said...

Hey there Jules...
My funky hair was even funkier cos of the bloody wind down at the wharf where we went to have brekkie!!
I looked like a toilet brush!! haha
Congrats on another 1kg gone... grooten free is cool.. I hope you are feeling better for it too.. It gets easier and slowly you stop missing those gluten free foods we love so much!
I still have days where I make my kids sandwiches and just think I would love a fresh bread and vegimite sanga... not to be...

Chubbymum said...

I hope you feel better my friend.

Until this week I weighed myself every day but have stopped since Tuesday so that I weigh at the same time each week as it was doing my head in... but I know that when I weigh everyday that I like the morning number than the evening number because it is better in the morning for me..

You are right as long as things are going the right way and you are feeling better and eating and exercising then it is all good.

Love Chubbymum

Cazzie!!! said...

Onya Jules, weight to go, ahahhaa, I crack myself up!!
I have been riding te treddly peddly to work against the fat, and eating great food, and feeling great too :)

Tania said...

Firstly Jules, hope you feel better really soon!

Secondly, you are so right, which only goes to prove that this whole weight loss thing is about so much more than just food and exercise. It's all about our mind set!

I still tend to weigh in more days than I should and for the most part it's a positive thing, but I usually weigh as soon as I wake up at 5.15am on working days but have my "official" weigh in on Saturdays around 7 or 8am - the scales are definitely a bit lighter then but tend to climb again soon after.

The trick is not letting the scales measure our successes as you said, but it's such a hard cycle to break.

katiep said...

I have secretly suspected that mid morning is my lightest weight -- which is why I pick a weekend day for 'official' weigh in because the longer I sleep in the lighter I am.
Don't know why though ... great to see it happens to others too.

Rachel said...

Stink your feeling yuk still, go that Vit C and Cell salts...LOL

I know exactly what you are saying about those scales at different times of the day, I'm forever weighing myself at different times but don't get stressed over it.
I know my clothes are looser, skin clearer and less puffy but just can't stop myself getting on those blinkin scales.....hahaha

Wanna_B_slim said...

Ok.. here goes... grooten free fish n chips... umm non existant.. thats my one downfall.. as I can tollerate small amounts i do order flake that they crumb there on the spot and deep fry it.. I pick off 90% of it and eat the yummy fish.. but the problem is 95% of fish shops use precut chips and they are coated in dextraose and thats made from wheat so also no go.. and they usually fry them in the same fryer as fish etc with batter so the traces of gluten are still there!!
So in all if you are super sensitive dont do it!!!
As for chocolate... Cadbury plain chocolate here in aus is gluten free.. and according to the coeliac society glucose from wheat is processed so much that it is classed as gluten free for even coeliacs... so to me that means I can have lollies manufactured here in aus... as long as the glucose is manufactured here in aus and not overseas... then its not ok...
I am thinking that your chocolate prob is from the peanut side of things. I buy the woolies brand of frozen oven bake chips as they are the only ones that dont have dextrose. it isnt very often that i have fish and chips out due to this factor. I can tolerate it every now and once a fortnight but try not to sneak gluten very often as it builds up and makes me quite unwell.

Contact Cadbury over there and ask them about thier chocolate...
Our australian one has this excellent info... I was so excited when I found this.. hahaha Just cut and paste and check it out... couldnt find the same info on the nz site... I hope I have made some sense and that it is not as clear as mud hahaha