Friday, May 04, 2007

It's Official - Im Sensitive

To gluten that is. Got the results yesterday. Peta and Ben are not, so that is good. Blair's results not in yet.

I'm looking at this in the most positive light. I can now focus on finding out a whole new way of cooking and eating and eliminating gluten from mine and Phoebe's diets. My body can start functioning better because it will no longer be fighting the food that fuels it. I am actually excited at being labelled. Strange, I know, but we always knew that didn't we?

As for the wee drama that has been playing out in my head re the friend situation:

I had a heap of comments saying ditch her, as I would probably comment on your blogs if I heard a similar story. But I had two comments that stood out. One was from Arron's Kiwi Girl and it mentioned how long we had been friends and maybe I should mention a few of the issues on my own and see how it goes down. I have decided that this is a great approach and I will start by clearing the mind of all the crap I am holding over her at the moment, stop dwelling in the past and just make sure I stand up for myself in the moment when she offends me or runs me down.

The second comment was from Ana, who had no link or way of replying back so I will do it here, and hopefully she comes back to visit. Ana came from a completely different standpoint on it and, I must admit, at first I got a wee bit defensive about her comment. Then I re-read it and thought about it and decided that I was being very judgemental of N myself by what I was thinking. Which is exactly one of the flaws I was pointing out in her character. Yes, N does drain me sometimes but maybe it is because she is trying to boost herself up and this is the only way she knows how to do it. I want Ana to know that, although my comments about the Te Reo seemed like I thought it was wrong, I don't. I think every child in New Zealand should learn Te Reo and I also think that everyone has a right to their culture whether they choose to follow their own or identify with another. On the other hand, I suppose my inability to understand where this particular person comes from is because we have been friends for 17 years now and I have seen her change her whole personality in the past two. And I don't think it matters if you are one smidgen Maori or 100%, you have every right to identify but I do think that people also have to face the future and realise that this is 2007 and we have to come to terms with the fact that New Zealand is a multi-racial, multi-cultural nation and I personally, don't think you are doing your child any favours by putting them in a full immmersion Maori schooling system. Is it going to do them any favours in 20 years time?? I would like to thank you Ana, for pointing out my lack of acceptance and also for showing me that I have become a bit of a hypocrite in my actions. Arohanui.


Chris H said...

Ana sounds very wise.... I think we do tend to jump in feet first sometimes and are judgemental too often... perhaps we all need to step back sometimes and give it more thought before saying something off the cuff so to speak.

Arron's Kiwi Girl said...

I'm glad you got something from posting your thoughts on the whole deal - and taking on board the comments/feedback.

Hope it all works out for you!

Also - I have a friend who is gluten intolerant, and as a present at Xmas - made her a bunch of gluten free stuff, and put together a mini-recipe book for alternate ways to make her favourite dishes. Let me know if you want a copy!

Steph said...

OMFG! This is getting scary how alike we are. You ain't gonna believe this, but I have Coeliac. I was diagnosed gluten intolerant nearly ten years ago!!

FUCK OFF!!!! lmao!
The bread is awful but you get used to it, and it's good for healthy eating because most processed, all battered or crumbed, normal cakes and flour are all OUT!

It takes some adjusting but you will feel 100% better once your villi in your gut starts to recover.

Tania said...

My 14 month old son has a number of allergies including wheat and while it's not the same as gluten it does tend to rule out the same sorts of products! I'm amazed by the amount of products on the market that are gluten and wheat free, it seems society is really catering to more intolerances and food allergies these days, I think you'll be surprised by what you find.

ombites (mary) said...

You know what hon, you were only reacting to being criticized yourself. She made comments about you and you could see these same faults in her. Would you have thought those things if you weren't criticized in the first place? Pot calling kettle black hey. Good luck with talking to her and try not to do it through email but face to face :-)

Wanna_B_slim said...

Hmmmm I thought I posted on this one yesterday... bugga.. must have gotten lost in cyber space...
And yes you will feel fantastic in no time at all.. Steph is right.. once everything heals you will feel ontop of the world.. and the weight will come off so much easier!!
Altho not if you eat what i ate last night... oops... Healtheries makea wheat and gluten free golden syrup steamed pudding.. we only found them last night at the supermarket... omg.. yummmmmmm And my partner (who isnt sensitve) loved it too!! Usually they are very ordinary.. and Healtheries is a NZ brand too... so you should have access to some amazing products!! they had a chocolate one too.. so cant wait to try that one too... oh bugga...

Ana said...

KiaOra Jules,

I have been a reader or your blog for quite a while now and it definitely was not my intention to offend you. I personally think that its great to be able to see things from other peoples perspective. In terms of kura kaupapa schools I definitely think there is a place for them in society...the amount of language and knowledge retention in terms of tikanga is huge and reaserch shows that through kohanga and kura kaupapa there has been a dramatic revival in our language..if it weren't for such things we would be continuing to go on a downward sprial as bilingual units in kura are not doing enough. In saying that I am personally not choosing to put our tama into kurakaupapa once he reaches school age, but we are still considering kohanga as he is only two years old. What I do think though that it is each parents prerogative to decide whats best for their children - as everyone has different aims in life and if they want their child to be fully fluent in maori well that is definitely the way to go. It is too easy to judge others and their decisions when they are not inline with your own..but what makes one better than another in this type of judgement call.