Monday, June 18, 2007

15 Weeks

I have 15 weeks to organise my wedding. Although, being the utter being of brilliance that I am, I have almost organised everything already.

I have set the date for 29th September this year. My buddies from the Sunshine Coast managed to get tickets changed for minimal charge so they are going to be here for it.

Have organised a celebrant who is local to the area. She is 72, was born in Papua New Guinea, went to university in Tasmania and has lived on a farm in South Canterbury with her husband for the past 40 years. She sounds PERFECT!

Have bought the paper for the invites. Am getting the tattoo that Blair and I both have on our backs made into a rubber stamp and will mark all invites with this celtic symbol, which I designed when Blair and I first got together and it symbolizes the progression from friendship into partnership. I will have two inks, black and lavender, and create a marbled effect. I am going to print the invites in black and have a little sprig of dried lavender on them somewhere.

I am also printing up a brochure which explains where Mt Potts is, how to get there and the accommodation available in the area if people don't want to stay at the lodge.

I am looked at wedding rings on Sunday morning and Michael Hill has a huge sale on so hoping to get them this week. Or at least one.

Got our marriage license form for Births, Deaths and Marriages today.

A friend of Ben's Mum has offered to decorate the wedding cake, she used to work at a bakery and was in charge of birthday and wedding cakes.

My great buddy Kim is doing the photography and Jen is doing the makeup.

I have decided to have a simple bound posy of white tulips with intermittent sprigs of lavender in it. My bridesmaids and the flower girls will just have small tied handfuls of lavender. The boys will have little sprigs of lavender in their button holes.

My MC is Kim's dad, he is a brilliant story teller and great all round bloke. Kim's mum has a designer garden that has heaps of lavender.

Invites are to be out by end of next week and rsvp'd by July 30th.

I have found out about stuff called Dermablend that will completely cover the giant pegasus tattoo on my back, and the scar on my right shoulder blade from where the windshield wiper on the VW Beetle hit my back as I flew backwards through the windscreen when I was run over when I was 18.

And I have been advised to go for Bodyshop Hemp something for my cracked heels. I know, yuck but some of us poor barstards didn't get the perfect gene!!

From the sounds of all the practising, I think Blair is going to play his guitar and sing the acoustic sounding "Miracle" by the Foo Fighters as I walk towards him in the open fields below Mt Potts. I hope I don't laugh with nervousness.

I suggested "Afternoon Delight" as our post ceremony song today but we looked up the lyrics and one line goes on about getting a bit of action so I am still wondering if that is appropriate.

We are having a jukebox with all our favourites 70ish music on it. You know the kind that gets EVERYONE up dancing. The Little River Band, Chicago, Bread, Cold Chisel, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Split Enz, the Dudes, Air Supply, the list goes on ........

I went to a wedding a couple of years ago where everyone kept turning off and resetting the jukebox and this one guy kept putting on heavy stuff and it made half the wedding retire to their seats every time. You need the goodies to get everyone jiving. (LOL, just thought that Steph will be thinking I fit into her bogan wedding category).

I'm going to try and find someone who will stay 20mins back at the motel units and come and pick the kids up at around 8pm and take them back there for the night. My mate Jo has this mate Julia, who has no kids of her own but is absolutely brilliant with them and knows my kids and I know that she would be fully capable of handling them all. Either that or my aunty has a number of ex nannies that may fit the bill. I just don't want kids around as I want to enjoy my night without being MUM for all of it.

I need ideas for shoes. We all know I have lymphy ankles, how am I going to fit some nice strappy shoes?? Blair loves the ones that tie up half way round the leg but on my calves that will look like one of those string bound rolled chicken roasts in the butchers. Get thinking people.


Jenniy said...

Great wedding date! One day before my birthday, and two days before our anniversary :)

Good luck with the shoe hunt... honestly, that was probably the hardest part of planning my wedding. Apparently they don't believe that brides have big feet OR don't want 4" spike high heels.

Chris H said...

You talk about me being organised??? My god, you have it all sewn up and dusted .... except for the shoes... no idea, you need to be comfortable... but still pretty.... you may have to look around and try a million on me thinks! It is all sounding brilliant mate! I am really excited for you!

crankybee said...

HEY!!!!! How exciting!!! You are doing very well in the organisation stakes - although I have to BEG you not to play 'afternoon delight' - a song which most people think is about the joys of having sex in the arvo? If any of your guests have seen 'Anchorman' they will die laughing!

Anyway I am sure it's going to FLY BY and you will have the best day - I remember saying to Ewen "IT'S 15 WEEKS TILL THE WEDDING!" and before I knew it, it was 15 min till the wedding and Ewen was wandering off up to the chapel!

Thanks for your comment on my last post - I couldn't do without my blog friends either...

Anne said...

Great organisation skills there - sounds like it's just about all done!! It sounds like it will beautiful! Love the idea for the flowers.

You cracked me up with your description of how your calves would look with the ties on the shoes! I'm sure you will find some nice shoes - even look on trade me.

Wanna_B_slim said...

Near sprayed my monitor with coffe with "string bound rolled chicken roasts in the butchers" Ya friggin nutter...
How about a pair of blunstone boots painted to match your dress with matching bows front and back at the loops where you pull em on??? no...just a thought!!! ;o)

Middle Child said...

You have my feet just gotta get down with one of those buzz saw thingies and chisel away at them...its a bugger and no reason I know why I got them and my sisters didn;t...congratulations on your wedding , it is so wonderful to hear such good news...wonderful

Chubbymum said...

OMG 15 weeks to organise a wedding you are amazing!!! Not long enough for me the procrastinator he he he!!

Sounds like it is going to be a fantastic wedding...

Love the stamp with your tattoo on it... what a lovely symbol for you both... how great

Love Chubbymum

Chubbymum said...

P.S 29th September is a great date he he that is my youngest's birthday woohoooo what a fantastic time of year it is too... usually lovely in the spring wohooo for you hun.

Love Chubbymum

Christine said...

Sounds like you are handling things really well! Really happy for you. I made my own invites too - I enjoyed having the control over that. Anxious to see things come together - post pics as you go. :)

Mellisa said...

Sounds nicely put together .... Enjoy it ... It will be your only chance!!

Helena said...

you are freakin brilliant mate. What's wrong with a pegasus tatt on your back, I got one of them too and I LOVE it :D now about the feet ... drink loads of water - especially if the swelling is due to water retention ... now chop chop you have 15 weeks to drink 3 ltrs a day ... thats ummmmm *counts up on fingers* 315ltrs of water to consume ... away ya go

m said...

I carried white tulips at my wedding too. The girls carried wildflowers.

Shoes...I wore white strappy ones too. Well the strap stopped at the ankle. And for my "blue" I painted my toenails baby blue. I didn't bother with that garter stuff.

Lyn said...

Wow girl you are on fire!! Talk about organised!!

As for the shoe thing, can't give you any advice on styles but just make sure they are COMFY!! Nothing worse than having sore feet on your special day!!!

ombites (mary) said...

LOL you've got so much going on, all I could think of was "I need to get some more lavender room spray for my office today" :-)

Shoes are hard! I have chunky ankles too and always wear boots so I'm no good to you. Good Luck!

Melissa said...

Hey Rangoon buddie!! mmm shoes too hard basket!!!! OMG 15 weeks this is exciting.. Thanks for your comments of late I am just slack in response!! Take care and happy wedding wonders..