Friday, June 15, 2007

And the Winner is .....

Mt Potts!

Due to all of your heartfelt comments, along with my best mate and my sister, I approached Blair and he said "anything for you" and I thought I had better take advantage of him being in that mood.

Have told Mum and Dad and they are extremely casual about it all and Dad is still talking about paying for ALL the extended family which is brilliant. Just have to set a date, will still either be the 13th October or 29th September. If it is available we will probably opt for 29th September as there is the chance our great mates from the Sunshine Coast will be able to make it on that date.

Thank you all so much for your contributions.

Photos of the kids just randomly:

Peta on Crazy Hair Day

Ben on Crazy Hair Day:

Phoebe trying to look cute:

Sian trying to crawl:


That is not actually Sian trying to crawl it is me trying to take a photo of Sian and just as I pushed the button Phoebe shot her finger in Sian's eye. Actually a very typical photo of Phoebe and Sian's relationship!!


Mellisa said...

YAY!! I am glad you can have the venue you dreamt of....!!!
Best of luck!!

CaramelKitKat said...

I doubt you will look back and reget it. Isn't there a saying along the lines of 'the more beautiful the kids the better the wedding venue need be'? OK, maybe not.

Have a great weekend!

Chris H said...

Yaa for making up your mind! I am sure you will have a fantastic time, and ya for catching Blair in a "whatever you want" mood! The kids hair!!! Did you actually cut Ben's hair like that!!!! RADICAL mate! Phoebe looks like a darn handful mate! Awwwww Sian is so cute, and glad I don't have to brush that mop you call Peta's hair. Have a wonderful weekend chick.

Wanna_B_slim said...

Oh Jules....dont do it.... The grooten thing that is... now you know that it is soooo not worth it!!!
I did it last saturday lunch...... wasnt alot.. but omg enough that i felt too ill to have my regular scotch session... so it was baaaaaaad....
Take care... peppermint oilmix with chammomile oil is a good soother mixed with water for the grooten tummy

m said...

Congrats on Mt. Potts.

I think Peta is my tiny twin or has my DNA. Her hair is my hair and it's not even crazy hair day here. (my daughter has straight hair and I have no idea what to do with it)

New Zealand....ahh we were in the South Island. If I recall the only thing that interested us in the North Island was bugs that glowed at night in some kind of cave. Does that sound right? So we skipped the North. I love Queenstown (home of bungy jumping?) and all the sheep, mountains, beaches and lakes. I was there at the beginning of your spring.

Jo said...

YAY! Im so happy for you that you are getting the location of your dreams!!!

And your kids are just too cute, mate! I LOVE the photo of Peta, classic expression...

Have a great weekend

Christine said...

Hehe, love the hairdos. So glad to hear that things are coming together for you for the wedding. :)

Mae said...

Your kids are seriously adorable. :)

Karen and Rachel said...

Yay for Mt Potts!
And I love the photos of the kids! Can't believe how much they have all grown up!
Take care

Steph said...

well done on getting the place you want. Things are coming together well.

Anne said...

Good on you!! It's what you wanted so.

Love the photos:-) Cute kids!!

Kate said...

Your kids are so beautiful!!