Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Release the Hounds

I have a confession to make .......

I am not a nice polite person.

I never have been.

I swear too much.

I have often indulged in enough alcohol for about five women.

I love passionately my friends and family.

I am oversensitive to a lot of things.

I love sex.

I love attention but I loathe it also.

I am very emotional.

Did I mention I swear a lot?

I try to be a great mother but sometimes feel I lack the finesse.

I love the "alternative" side of life.

I love crystals and flowy skirts and sandals and incense and the spiritual unknown.

I own a vibrator and I use it.

I can be very manipulative.

I love laughing my tits off.

I swear a lot.

I am a procrastinator.

I love men, not just as sexual beings but as friends, I love the uncomplicated friendship of a male.

I was always one of the lads when I was younger hence the swearing and non worry with the regard to smut talk.

I am reinventing my blog (many thanks for the kick up the maximus rectus Steph).

I often display a very tame version of myself on this blog and have decided that it is overshadowing the hilarity within.

I hope no one gets offended but this blog is about to become more real in terms of who I am and what I enjoy.

I will be discussing body fluids, sex, masturbation (you know you do it!!), all along with children, weddings, and daily life. I am going to throw all aspects of myself into this blog as I need the release.

I understand if you must leave, but please say goodbye first.

Release the hounds!!!!


Kristy said...

I'll be sticking around :) Looking forward to the new topics.


Chris H said...

Bring it on.... I love swearing!!! And sex!!! and I'm not the best mother... shoot me! I will definitely be staying around!

Kate said...



Wanna_B_slim said...

"touchdown".... Bring it on!!!!!!!

ombites (mary) said...

Bring it on! I really like the way you write Jules and appreciate your sense of humour.

I tend to be one sided on my own blog because of my career. I work in media and there is no way I'm letting anyone get any dirt on me LOL.

I swear far too much as well and have a very *alternate* lifestyle. Glad to be in such good company ;-)

Mellisa said...

Was nice knowing you Jules but I couldn't handle swearing and discusting talk .... I am a classy lady .....

Mellisa said...

Just a question before I go .... What is a vibrator??

Lynda said...

Leaving? huh... no way. I need some good raw conversaton - I think that's what is missing in my life. Bring it on (oh, and hopefully it will influence me to become more sinful).

Lyn said...

HAHAHA!! Go Jules!!

Yummy Mummy said...

**Clapping hands with glee** can't wait!!!

Anne said...

I'm sure I can handle it!!

Christine said...


Lee-Anne said...

Hell I ain't going nowhere.

Tania said...

Lol ... bring it on! I think we're all a bit guilty of censoring our blogs, I know I am! Looking forward to getting to know more about the "real jules".

Steph said...

Hooray!! Now that's the sassy beeotch that I love.

LaLa said...

Well, I just got here so I'm certainly not leaving!

Thanks for dropping by my blog, it's nice to have a new blog to read.

More swearing I say.

Miss Smack said...

You and I have ALOT In common :)