Monday, June 11, 2007


Well, due to being so overwhelmed with the wedding organisation I have not posted for a bit. Now, things seemed to have worked out with Dad coming home from Aussie earlier than planned, will be home tomorrow. He has thrown it out there that they pay for extras to come, which suits me fine.

I think I may have made a boo boo on the purchase of the dress. It said size 16 but after accepting offer I was looking at the actual measurements and the seller had put:

Waist: 105cm
Hips: 120cm

That seems rather odd as when I was size 22 I had those sort of measurements!! What the fuck?? Have I just bought a flipping dress that is miles too big for me and I am going to have to pay big bucks to get altered?? Thought it may have been falling into place a little too easily.

Now I have suggested to Mum and Dad that we have at a venue rather than at their place as I feel the uptightedness may come a wee bit from the fact that they don't want pissed up mates of ours trapsing through their brand new home. Fair enough too. So now it is the great challenge ahead to find a venue that allows BYO as I refuse to pay for bar wine prices, and that is available on the 13th October.

I have two options at this point:

Rossburn Receptions:

The venue is $800 to hire which includes tables and clean up the next day.

They have BYO drinks with no corkage, you have to supply a bar tender.

They allow pretty much any caterers and that suits us fine as we are looking at a serviced buffet at $18.95 a head for roast beef, roast pork and semi boned roast chickens with gourmet buttered potatoes, six salads and fresh bread, gravy and condiments. Can't go wrong.

The only problem being that we would have to hire all glassware from the looks of things. That can end up pricey. Open till 12am and you can't go in until 12noon on the day of the wedding set up, otherwise if you want to do it the day before you will have to pay another $300 for that liberty. Gardens are available for service for $50. Is available 13th Oct.

Second option:

Southbrook Rugby Club:

No photo available. Big two story high glass windows facing the north west (sunset) and a bit dated, think 80's decor of your local rugby club but could spruce up.

$100 to hire plus $200 bond, which you get back. This includes bar staff, glasses and cleaning. Open till 1am. Nowhere nice to get married. Can bring own caterers, see above. Have square tables, could hire round ones. Can have bottled wine but at moment they are saying they would buy what wine we want and then charge $4 a bottle corkage. I suggesting that I buy wine, deliver to them on morning and they can still charge $4 corkage per bottle, what's the difference to them??

Don't know whether available.

The last and previously unmentioned option is to find somewhere in Christchurch which would mean guests would not have to travel out of town. I don't want over the top expensive though. No need for it to be as we will have a huge party where ever it is.

What do you reckon?


Rugby clubrooms not available.


tracy said...

I got married at Sweethearts @ Strawberry Fields. I can't remember what the deal with the alcohol was but we only had beer & wine (the chepaest bottles) & non alocholic punch. The food was actually finger food passed around by their staff but it was really NICE stuff not sausage rolls etc but enough variety for everyone & enough food for everyone. They even made the cake for about $ 50 (OK that was 10 yeas ago) but is was a gorgeous chocolate cake with fresh berries & cream. The gardens are lovely but if it is raining, there are places inside which are really nice as well, unlike a lot of places which have nice grounds but no option for yucky waether. Instead of the whole sit down drama, we had it more as an afternoon tea. Our photos were done mostly in the morning, just a few with family & a "picnic" theme one I wanted. Feedback from family & friends is that it was one of the most relaxing weddings they had been to.

Jo said...

Jules, you dont sound stoked about either of these options.

Have you looked around loads? Perhaps spend a bit more time looking and try to get something that you immediately think 'Yes' to?

I just know how wicked it feels to love the place you are getting hitched.

Sorry - maybe you have searched high and low and are fed up to the eyeballs of looking, in which case I would check with the Rugby club and see if they are free - this might rule out one of your options and make the decision for you??

Have you asked around on They are usually pretty helpful and i think there is a whole section on venues.

Love Jo

Chris H said...

The rugby club sounds the better deal... and you can tart it up a bit... I agree, where you get married should be special... but the rugby club is only for the reception Right? How about a lovely garden/beach setting for the "ceremony" then back to the club.... Or keep looking! You still have a bit of time. Darn about the dress, still love it, so, take it in! I'm sure it won't cost too much. Oh yeah, "I'm a legend" my arse! I can multi-task mate, any woman can!!!

Anne said...

Maybe keep looking.... Maybe a garden then the rugby club.

One of my daughters ideas for their wedding was a BYO restaurant. They found one that would let her book the entire restaurant, it also had a lovely setting for a wedding. Then she went and changed her mind - it would have worked well though.

By the way you will have to change the name of your blog - four kids and a fiancee won't be quite right anymore!

Christine said...

It is a stressful time - I know that we changed our venue just 6 months prior to the wedding - and it ended up being great. I like the description of the second place, but now I see that its not available. I would keep looking around! Share with us for sure.

Sarah said...

ohh yay for wedding plans. I totally agree with refusing to pay full prices for wine, when you can BYO!

Good luck with the dress, maybe they will let you change the size???

Tania said...

First option sounds great, bit of a pain about not being able to decorate the day before without an additional cost though - sounds (and looks) like the whole surroundings will be so much nicer for photos etc.

Glad things worked out with your parents, hope they work out just as well regarding the dress.

Steph said...

It's rather ambitious to organise a wedding at such short notice. Most of my friends took a year to 18mths!
I'm in awe of you!

Good luck.

Lee-Anne said...

Don't stress, whatever you do. Do you like your first option. If so get them to pencil you in for the 13th and tell them you'll confirm in a couple weeks. Give you a chance to have a look around.

It's your day, remember and I honestly think that one in this day and age minds having to pay something. I mean you wouldn't mind would you. Afterall this is your family and friends who are coming - right.

I still love that dress - can picture you wearing it.

ombites (mary) said...

Oh gosh, the starts drama already but you know it'll all turn out. Make sure you don't forget to breathe and laugh. It kinda helps to remember that in life nothing is perfect either so don't become a Bridezilla! Enjoy it for what it's really meant to be for and about :-)