Thursday, April 12, 2007

Detoxify the System

Ultimate Health Key No 3:

Detoxify the System:

This was a big chapter full of little self tests where you had to score yourself and it would tell you what a toxic cesspit you were at the end. So, I am just going to add the summary:

Toxicity is an important cause of health problems such as low energy, weight gain, bad breath, poor skin and headache

The funciton of the liver is key to the elimination of potentially toxic substances

A liver-supoorting diet is one that includes easily digested food such as fruit, vegetables and grains, and is low in liver-taxing foods such as fatty foods, dairy products, processed foods, alcohol and caffeine

Certain nutrients and herbs such as milk thistle, choline, inositol, green tea extract and alpha lipoic acid can be very effective in improving liver funditon and reducing toxicity in the long term

Food sensitivity is an important and often undiagnosed cause of ill-health and reduced vitality

Food sensitivity is often related to porblems with poor digestion or leakiness in the digestive tract

Foodstuffs identified as a problem should be eliminated from the diet for one to two months, after which time they can often be reintroduced in small amounts withough causing a recurrence of the orignal symptoms

Acid and/or digestive enzyme supplements may be very useful for improing digestion and reducing a tendency to food sensitivity in time

Candida albicans overgrowth in the gut can lead to a wide range of health problems, including weight gain, irritable bowel syndrome, mood disturbance, fatigue and food cravings

Factors which encourage candida overgrowth include anitbiotic use, stress, homrmonal treatments and a diet containg foods that encourage yeast growth, including sugar, refind carbohydrates, bread and alcohol

The cornerstone of the anit-candida regime is a diet based on foods that do not encourage candida growth such as meat, fish, eggs and vegetables

Supplements that help restore healthy gut bacteria can be very useful in the management of candida

Other supplements useful in managing candida are those that support the liver and help to stabilize the blood sugar level

Natural anti-fungal supplements and those that help heal the lining of the gut may also be of benefit

Overcoming issues with internal toxicity can often bring about a profound improvement in both physical and mental well-being

Makes sense people. How can your body efficiently process the food if it is always busy dealing with other issues??


Chris H said...

HUMPH! Lots of fact, nothing to comment on though! Hope you had a great day, I friggin didn't! boo hoo

Chris H said...

Sorry, was having a bad moment, all the info is riveting, really! I'm sure it is most helpful to lots of people, and I hope it helps you too. ha ha ha

Arron's Kiwi Girl said...

Lots to process there - and a few good home truths

Good on ya Jules

Melissa said...

That is all really interesting, you are doing well too... congrats on the losses... Next time we are heading to Rangiora I will deffinately let you know. For christmas this year we are heading up north to Whakatane, so wont be this year :-( sometime next year tho.. and we can shake our skinny bums together!!!! Take Care

Wanna_B_slim said...

Wow... I had a chat to my pharmacist 2 days ago and was talking about me not feeling so well...
And she spoke about all the above... freaky...
Doing something about it too...;o)