Sunday, April 22, 2007

Does My Fat Look Arse In This??

How often have we asked the question, or a very similar one, of someone we love knowing that it doesn't matter what the reply is - we will still feel inadequate and hate ourselves?? (Sorry Kathryn - know you had a had a similar subject recently - not copying - promise!)

The thing is, and I have been contemplating this subject for a couple of days (and was hoping to have a spectacular back view photo of my arse to add - in jeans people, get your minds out of the gutter but had to settle with one off google images). Where was I? That's right back to my arse. The truth is we all know whether we look good in something or not. We all know that if your BMI isn't floating around the normal range then chances are certain outfits just ain't gonna cut it. Crop tops - nup! Bike pants - nup! Mini skirts - nup! Bikinis - double nup!! You get the picture. What never fails to send me into a flurry of dismay is those that don't have someone to say - mate, that just isn't your style.

Now, no offense to anyone is intended by this ramble and if you are overweight and go midriff bare and are happy then, big ups to you, but it aint for me. I tend to wear as much flattering stuff as I can and often think that there isn't enough flattering clothing out there for the bigger lass. And then the people that decide that as soon as you hit size 16 you want to wear floral t-shirts and straight polyester trousers - well they need a bullet. That is why I think I have so often been known to daydream about fabric and design because I know that I sure as hell could design some lovely clothing to flatter any figure big or small. It isn't rocket science but it is all about accentuating the positive and hiding the negative. (Trinny, Susannah and Jules, has a nice ring to it).

My favourite top is a crossover at the breast top that the material then scrunches up over the stomach (hiding the pudgy, I've dropped four sproglets tummy) and then flares out again a wee bit at the waist.

So I have a challenge, big or small, tell me what your body shape is and what your most flattering piece of clothing is. You know the one, it's the one that you always get good comments about when you wear it. Come on, don't be shy, share the secrets.

PS Weekly Weigh In Week 11 (I know it's late but after the proving I'm so happy and still losing post sort of had me a bit hesitant to post a gain!!)

Start Weight: 106.4kg
Week Eleven: 105.4kg
Loss/Gain: +1.2kg
Lost so far: 1.0kg
Kgs to Goal: 45.4kg

Anyway, after Paulene's challenge this is all going to be a sidebar update only. I am not going to be concentrating on the scale in such a big weigh (he he) but keeping a track of the figures once a week but not so worried about the goal weight or the loss or gain each week etc. I will just keep a track of what I started at and what I weigh each week so I know where I am at and where the IE thing is working.


Chris H said...

My favourite outfit when big was big t shirts over black pants! Sad. Now I like to wear shortish dresses! Must have sleeves due to "bat wing" arms... no floral material (fuck!), simple colours, no fussy patterns. No fussy tucking, no clingy material.... and never polyester! Some nice detailing on skirts is good, nothing too frilly. I love black/white combos too, and pink.. I'm a girl!

Lyn said...

My favourite top (but sadly too small for me now) was a black holterneck and v front to a bad just below the bustline and gradually tappered out. It had lovely white beading done down the front. I always got compliments on it. (it's the one I got photographed in the womans day with my article)

One day I will fit it again and hopefully before it goes out of fashion.

Lyn said...

LOL re: your comment
Awww you kept it?? I feel so thwpeshal :))

Chris H said...

I hope you mean that in a 'nice' way Jules?

CaramelKitKat said...

You seem to be going so well and I am really enjoying 'seeing' your progress. Some big steps, eh?

I am am hourglARSE (with a fat backside). My fave outfit is always an A-line skirt (never pants as you can see where it all begins and ends), with a top and cardigan. I feel the cardi gives me some cover, but a couple of nights ago went out without it. I discovered I (re)fit into an old top, black with a v-neck on the bias and made out of a thicker than usual cotton/lycra. It felt great to be without my security blanket and I liked that the top and lack of cover showed that my waist is slimming.

Mary said...

Mmm, good question. I reckon most of us know what looks good on us. Lots of people didn't realise I was putting on weight because I knew how to hide it well. My fave is wearing black and figure hugging clothes for the streamlined look...and layers :-)

Anne said...

I'm not really into trousers, bos I have skinny legs - quite skinny they look all out of proportion. I love wearing skirts now days, even for casual wear, there are some beautiful ones out there. Tops - as long as they don't cling to my middle roll I'm happy.

Do know what you mean though - some people let it all hang out and it doesn't do much for them.

Chubbymum said...

I always get comments when I wear V neck tops because it lengthens your top half and slims it down. So when I wear a top I usually wear a V neck (70% of the time). It also makes you have a longer neck so you look taller...

Anyway that is my secret he he he.

Love Chubbymum

Helena said...

hi chick, I'm 6ft and I'm two sizes smaller on my top than my hips! I've got fantastic shoulders but icky upper arms! My legs arent too bad - got nice ankles now, but I've got a serious belly and mid roll arghhhhh LOL

Like CM I choose V necks, very flattering for the neck and shoulders. I like to wear bootleg cut pants/jeans and 3/4 pants, they are quite flattering on chunky thighs. Tops are usually fitted around the bust and shoulders, but like you taper out around the middle roll and tummy. My biggest issue is with length - nothing is long enough for me, that includes skirts, pants and sleeves!

We're never happy eh? Have to agree though, some fashion clothes are just bloody awful even if you have the "perfect" figure and muffin tops? eeeeeeewwwwwww