Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Your Blogs

Okay, I need to stop spending the whole flipping day pissing around looking at your blogs!! I have no idea how many I have in my Favourites now but every time I go somewhere I end up linking somewhere else and adding more bloody people to the list. When will it all end??

I love reading for inspiration but when it counteracts the good with all the arse-stuck-to-chair, then I really need to re-evaluate.

The other problem is I hardly bother about my own blog because I'm too busy reading. AAAAARGH!!

On the upside, Ultimate Health.

Key number 1:

Give Your Body Oxygen

The crux of this key is the fact that the majority of us don't breathe properly. Oxygen is an essential ingredient in the reactions which convert your food into energy.
If you are not breathing properly this can lead to problems with low energy and reduced vitality
Can also impair function of the body's cells.
Good breathing habits can be an effective way to enhance health and vitality and may also be beneficial in harmonizing body and mind.

Learning to belly breath is the first step to better breathing habits. Try it:

Breathe gently in and out through your nose. Breathe out all the air from your lungs, pause briefly, and begin to breathe in again. Concentrate on taking long, smooth, unhurried breaths.
As you breath in push your belly out, this will ensure you are filling th ewhole of your lungs with air. When your lungs feel full (not too full!!), pause breifly again, and then breathe out through your nose. Repeat this cycle always making sure that you belly is moving in and out as you breathe.

I bet you feel better already, I did!!


Chubbymum said...

OMG I have read that before!!!

I don't think I have read Ultimate Health but I have read another book about breathing and how it is beneficial..

Woohoooo!!! Thanks for reminding me.

Also I know what you mean about blogs and getting addicted. I am addicted totally. But sometimes enough is enough aye he he he

Love Chubbymum

Chris H said...

I too have become addicted to reading blogs, and I have about 90? in my favourites, and probably read many many more each week, and add some more to favourites too.... like when someone comments, I go check them out and if they sound cool I add em! My arse is now the size of me chair... and spreading fast! Maybe I should stand up while reading, jog even? Now there's an idea. lol

Lyn said...

LMAO Chris!! I can just imagine you standing there jogging on the spot trying to grab the mouse and missing the click! lol

Yep, know what ya mean bout the fav's list ... I'm just glad that not everyone updates everyday so I can get through mine ok. But it is such inspiration for me to keep going each day. When I stop reading blogs and stop blogging myself I stop being so inspired.

So don't stop blogging ... any of you!!!

Wanna_B_slim said...

My name is nannette and I am addicted to blogs... haha sounds like a confession... but yeah i hear ya girl... we are all in the same boat...
I need my blogs to keep me going...
So dont stop blogging...plz.. haha

Tania said...

Reading blogs does become addictive doesn't it? I'm always on the search for new and inspiring blogs but don't get around to reading them as often as I would like. It's all about balance (says I who often feels I spend too much time at the computer as well).

Chris H said...

Wise words Kimosabi... I have had some amazing suggestions for rewards already and am really enthusiastic about a few! I already walk the kids to and from school every day mate! I will definitely be trying to mix it up somehow... just not sure what to mix with the diet coke... Bacardi perhaps! lol.
Can't remember when I last had an alcoholic drink, maybe that's what's missing?

Chris H said...

LMFAO !!!! If you could see how close the school is to my home you wouldn't think much of the effort mate.... it takes me about 3 minutes to get there! I bow to your superior - ness, Julesosabi, you make me laugh!

Chris H said...

stop stop ..... I am laughing too much.. and I'm going to go do some more of the vacuming.... You are right, being home alone is a killer and is my main problem... but I have to be home sometimes! Must work on boredom eating BIG TIME for sure.. I went to get a banana a mo ago, and stood there and said "Am I really hungry?", answer was "no" so banana went back in the bowl. Its a start... how are you by the way? All going ok with the kids, house etc? Wish you were closer, we WOULD get on like a house on fire I reckon! *HUGS*

Sandra said...

That's basically singing and yoga breathing. When I tried Yoga, I found the breathing easy because I have always sung.

Jadey 0:-) said...

Bloglines is like the best thing I ever did - now I am not needlessly opening and going through people's blogs who haven't updated. Saves a tonne of time!