Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter - Over and Out

I battled through Easter with a multitude of lapses in judgement and made my way through a fair bit of junk. Usually Easter not such an issue but the fact that we kicked it off on Good Friday with Phoebe's birthday party was the clincher. I have a terrible knack of being able to eat all the leftovers without even noticing. And of course, there were chocolate crackles galore and I love those coconut oil filled barstards!!

Anyway, we won't dwell on Easter. Phoebe had a lovely birthday party, highlighted by the absolutely wicked cake!! It was a great hit and I will upload a photo when I can. I took one on my phone and sent it to my email, but since I have changed to TelstraClear, I don't get my vodafone pxts!! So, have to wait for Dad to give me some photos on disc of the party.

On the Saturday night Phoebe woke at about 9.30pm and was grizzly and I rubbed her back and she had a raised rash. I got her up and examined her body and she was literally covered in a pimply rash. Rang the local doctor's surgery and got diverted through to an afterhours line where the have the on call dr's details etc, all run by nurses who talk you through it all. Was stoked that I didn't have to travel into Christchurch to the After hours. Back to the story.... she said that things sounded alright and to monitor her through the night and make an appt in the morning at the on call dr. So I did this (consisting of hourly checks, exhausted Sunday!) and she was fine. So I took her to the doc and showed him the rash and explained that for the last couple of weeks she has had a really sore tummy intermittently and that she then has bulky offensive smelling No 2's. He took one look at the rash and said it wasn't measles, wasn't meningitis, wasn't hand foot and mouth but he had a strong suspicion that it was a coeliac rash. WTF!!! So this morning I have to take Phoebe off to have blood tests to test for gluten allergy. Not looking forward to it.

When looking up the whole deal online I found a lot of symptoms that actually described Blair!! There is a gluten specialist here in Christchurch called Rodney Ford and he has written a number of books including one called "Sick, Tired and Grumpy. I told Blair that he is just that!!

The change in our house will be huge if it is what she has as the whole house will become gluten free. If she has it then the other kids have a huge likelihood of having it, or at least gluten sensitivity. Here's hoping it's not but if it is, I will embrace it and see it as a positive thing in our lives to go gluten free.


Sue said...

Coeliac does tend to run in families, so everything crossed it's not that! Mind you, at least there are a lot more gluten-free products available now than when my mother was (mistakenly) diagnosed with it 25 years ago! She used to make all her own gluten-free products, including bread.

Mellisa said...

I think Nannette has something similar ..... ask her for some tips!
I can't believe Pheobe is 2 already!! Jamal will be 2 in July .... Wow that went fast!!
It also means we are getting old!! lol ...... boooo!!

Chris H said...

Like Sue, fingers crossed it isn't Coeliac disease... but I am sure you would manage if it is. Masses of people have to have gluten free diets, and it just becomes part of life. Now, what to do with 4 kids in the holidays? Take them to their grandparents and run as fast as you can.... in the opposite direction! I'm no help eh? lol

Steph's diet story!! said...

nothing like a good choc crackle!!!
mmm and mars bar slice taking about choc crackles!!

have fun

Sandra said...

Mmmm chocolate crackles. [drool]

Good luck with the tests - it's not the end of the world giving up gluten. I often buy gluten free products just because I think we eat too much wheat as a society - or at least I did when I was eating.

Chubbymum said...

OMG I hope for all your sakes it isn't Coeliac disease. But like the others have said at least nowadays there are a lot of gluten free products out there.

Big hugs