Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Where is the Humour??

Okay, either you are all too dim witted to notice or I just think I am funny when I'm not. The last post heading "Does My FAT Look ARSE in This?" was a play on words and I had expected people to pick up on it. Either CKK was the only one that did or the rest of you just did not think it was as fucken hilarious as I thought it was. So much so, in fact, that I made Blair come and look at it and I just kept laughing and saying how fucken funny I was!! Maybe the look on his face should have been the indicator that only I was going to find it humourous. Oh well..... my blog after all.

Also, further to Jack of All Trades I have decided not to pursue my dream of being an auto mechanic! And this on the same day that I find out the frickin water pump has gone in the Subaru for the second time in just over two years. Obviously all my previous negative thoughts about what the hell was going to go wrong with the car next has worked it's magic and lo and behold, my thoughts have manifested into another major problem. I know have to focus on the good points of my car. It's a wagon, that's good, it has nice mags, and it took us on the best holiday of our family life. You're a great car Sooby!! Back to the auto mechanics. My wise father pointed out that gone are the days when you can take a motor to bits, recondition it and put it back together, no wucken forries. These days you need an IT degree as well and a shitload of specialist equipment. Trust Dad to quash my dreams. And a stupid mate pointed out that mechanics always have dirty hands. I was planning on learning it for when I needed it you twatt, not setting up a neighbourhood mechanics shop!!

So dressmaking and fashion design and horse breeding along with finishing Naturopathy - all still on the cards.

I can see my life before me:

In five years I will be living in this house:

training this calibre of horse:

who will be residing in these stables:

and sewing one off wedding dresses like this in my spare time:

So what will you be doing in five years??


Mellisa said...

Lol .... Oh Jules, you ARE funny!! **walks away rolling her eyes**


Kate said...

Lol, ok I must put my hand up and say that I must be dim witted because I didn't even notice, I just read it the normal way around. But you are right, it is very funny - as funny as what I emailed you about last night. It still cracks me up everytime I read it. (Like being in the line at subway and hearing someone ask for extra jellapeeenos, lmao - it's an H sound people!).

I love your goals.

In 5 years I want to be a mama of 3 or more babies, have my IE going smoothly, be involved in yoga several times a week, and be happily married still. I think the dream house etc will have to wait until I'm back at work, lol. I'm sure I could write a huge list of where I want to be actually, this has only touched on it.

Rachel said...

I love all the things you are going to study......go for it!

I a bit dim I think because I did read it the way your wrote it and thought "I wonder if she did that deliberately or not"....dim, dim, dim.

CaramelKitKat said...


I'll be giving you horses like that to train!

Five years....I'd like to be a mum by then - now that's bloody scary to admit! I'd like to be a teacher. I'd like to be living somewhere other than Sydney, preferably OS.

Anne said...

OOps - it looks as if I'm a bit dim witted - didn't even notice:-)

Chris H said...

I did notice, did get it kinda... just thought you were trying to be a smart arse... arse... get it? 5 years from now.... I would like to be a personal fitness trainer/motivational speaker... coolest 53 year old on my street! So there!

Lyn said...

Nupe ... never noticed! <-----stupid!!!

Hey one question ... arnica, is it normally digested through the mucus glands? just seems strange to be spraying something in my mouth for a sore foot!! And how long should I wait to see any effect? minutes? hours? days? weeks?

Lyn said...

ohh and 5yrs from now??

I'd like to "NOT HAVE A DAMN SORE FOOT!!!" Is that too much to ask for? :p

Name: Lynise said...

I noticed and actually thought it was a typo. I actually thought it was funny, but since I assumed it was done by accident didn't want to mention it. LOL,,,,

Now in regards to 5 years from now, mmmmmmmm I will be living in Hamilton, taking yearly overseas holidays, would like one more child (but theres a teeny weeny problem in that department as I'm not sure I want another full on relationship again)
I think the idea of having a relationship with someone where you both have your own homes (and therefore space when you want it) really appeals. So Yeah thats me.

Oh, I will also be celebrating my 4 years being at goal weight. :-)

Wanna_B_slim said...

ok... Dumb arse alert...
I didnt pick up on it..altho I must say lately I have only time to skim read blog s and have a quick chuckle or frown at what i am reading..possibly leave a quick comment and get back to what i am supposed to be doing!
So thats my excuse...
And I am sure you are funny Jules... Maybe... hahaha
% years from now... No frikkin idea...
Hopefully employed and living with my man. Possibly looking at upgrading our home??? I dont look much past tomorrow I am afraid... sad hey!

Helena said...

yep I got it ... just laughed and thought yep thats that crazy chick ... but see tonights post with that no wucken furries ... now THATS funny, I use to always say that until people started telling me how unprofessional it was - fuck them I say *grin* ... another one of my "funnies" is *the baby stole my dingo* and um ... *comboot bats* they usually come out when I've had five too many Jim Beams ... guess the world is safe for the next six months then eh?

*grin* you are funny eh ... um yeah you are LMFAO!

Cazzie!!! said...

I will still be a nurse, be a mum to a 15, 13, 11 and 9 year old children and be driving around in our M.A.N coach on school hollidays feulled by our own biodiesel feul :)

Steph said...

Well I think it was hilarious! In fact looking like "arse" is gonna be new catchphrase this week.

Five years time? Good lord! I shudder to think.

Jadey 0:-) said...

Yeah that IS funny. But I'm slow and tired :p haha